The Cycle

The action is the factor number three. The majority of people believe that knowledge is power, but that is no longer true because then you become a scholar of something but not more, finally smart you die, but you do not trascendiste. Knowledge put into action what is powerful and when knowledge is put in action skill is acquired, it is the number four cycle factor. It is the ability to focus on what you really want, but spends most of the people are life focused on what you don’t want. The ability to take action, focus on your dreams, your goals, in the solution of contact, motivate others, associate frontality and depth, teach the business plan, be in control of yourself. If you are still taking action focused on achieving your dreams, you will manage success or fifth factor of the cycle. Zendesk addresses the importance of the matter here. But the matter does not stop there, the success that you manage there generates more belief and the cycle repeats continuously into a true growth spiral provided do not let pride enter and engage in your mind. Success is not a determination, it is a day, is a constant journey because if you get to the top only place will be you to where you can go, is down.

Why never arrive, get a commitment for life be always willing to learn, grow, and change. We always have to be in a constant search, the formula is humility, it is simple. The fun of life is not reach, is the process of arrive. This cycle is principles to achieve success, but if you don’t apply it correctly, it is also exactly the cycle of failure. The cycle occurs in each and every one of the lives of each one of the human beings. If your you have false beliefs, as I am not able to, I’m shy, I’m not so similar, I don’t have time, I have no patience, that is not for me, i.e.