The Fund

A further direction is in the hands-free acquisition of distressed real estate in the run-up to a forced sale direct from the owner. Here is the possibility of the sale before an initiated enforcement with the opportunity for the owner of the object within a previously with S & K agreed period to buy either back or a third party to vocation of the debtor assumes this (if it does not allow for the credit of the owner). S & K while in fact occupies the position of a Bank and gives the real estate owner detached from Bank-legal requirements, for example, more options for action. This is it possible to purchase real estates in locations where it would have been impossible in the way of the forced sale due to the immense demand S & K, and already has the buyer through the buy-back option of the debtor in case of doubt. Otherwise, S & K about this could buy a cheap object in a prime location and now freely sell this. S & K can refer it to a high degree of expertise and experience.

In 2007, the Frankfurt-based company on behalf of an open-ended real estate funds purchased properties worth a total of 110 million euro, after one a real estate amounting to more than EUR 1 billion had checked. “We are sure to have the concrete gold with this offer an interesting alternative for investors ‘ German property would benefit”, explains Thomas Gloy as Managing Director of the Hamburg initiator United investors. The Fund of German S & K property GmbH & co. is continuing the series of investments of the Hamburg KG, which is on the realizing of business opportunities with high yield potential in rectified interests of providers and investors. More information about the company: