The Micro SIM In Detail

All interesting information are continuously smaller micro SIM card mobile phone, in parallel, their performance increased continuously. This also impacts on the inner workings of the cell phones. This must be as well as small and light, at the same time however work with high efficiency. Hence the mass of the SIM cards declined from generation to generation. The so-called micro SIM card is currently the most compact SIM card, which exist on the market. The known mini-SIM card has the usual dimensions of 25 x 15 mm.

The small micro SIM only still 15 times 12 millimeters and therefore less space, but nevertheless contains the same information on the data chip. Who is an iPad Apple buys, must attack willy-nilly to the micro-SIM for the Internet on the Tablet PC can be used exclusively by this. The iPhone 4 is also dependent on the small SIM card. In the nu cries were loud at the launch of the iPad, which claimed that the micro SIM is thought by one Strategy is to tie users to a given provider. This has not come true but, because in the meantime a lot wireless provider offer have absorbed the small SIM card in your mobile phone and the user therefore has the choice to which provider and he reaches tariff. Who wants to use his old SIM card, finds currently quite a few tutorials on the Web, how you map can cut a micro SIM from its old mini SIM.

Surely this is connected that the SIM card in the connector is no longer usable as soon as the hobbyists are making a mistake with the danger. Yet this should anyone already in the outset clear. For those change needed a pair of scissors, a knife and even a micro SIM are map as a template. The user can then cut the normal SIM using the scissors with the blade to the required size.