The Moment

But the sale of accounts on the forum and chat games are strictly prohibited. Why? Because the administration has about these operations, the position of complete non-interference, and the placement of trading posts and the game is already an original, but support. Also, it follows that any complaints, petitions and appeals relating to purchase / sale will not be considered. When considering complaints will be considered solely the interests of the creator and owner of the account e-mail, which originally was registered account. Any bought the account will be treated as stolen from the original owner and taken in a conflict situation, action will be taken solely on the fact that the return of his original account owner. This is not to mention the fact that at the time of the proceedings in any case, account will be blocked until their completion.

So to make such deals entirely at your own risk and do not say I did not warn you, because: – The administration will never give information to an outside entity that has changed is the email address for your account. – Even if you're lucky enough to become the owner of the original e-mail addresses, for the moment at all mail services are powerful enough mechanism to return the stolen or hacked accounts, if the seller has his own return, it will also be solely your difficulties. – Even in the forums or in chat games you can not complain that you 'cheated' – chat will be locked for flooding, and forum topics removed.