The Same

One day, treat yourself and your wife on a cell phone, I went looking for them to cover. Purchase amount to the belt, I did not want me like an ordinary black bag (a sock), but what was my disappointment when he found none. Two months later, I knew the cost of these covers, I knew where and how to make them, found the factory, customers were found jur. Person through whom it was possible to do it all, but there was one thing. Even if customers wanted to have developed in the future, and was trading profitably from 1000, but it's minor compared to the cost of Chinese products.

Sale price of Chinese products was the same price as the cost of my covers. So I had this idea to remove the back burner, although my sample covers protects my phone and to this day. Half a year later, I had sufficient knowledge that would teach someone else. After working for two months in the npf, I created a very simple site dedicated to pension funds and mutual funds. At that time it seemed to me that this hot topic, and I wanted to tell everyone how fun and profitable to invest. After the launch of the site I was surprised to find that such junk, a dime a dozen on the Internet. Financial advisors, traders, bankers, management companies, and many more who all tried to convey the charm of the people investing in our great country with Internet.