Today’s Communicators

Manufacturers of mobile devices today is almost universally rejected the use of a large number of hardware buttons (on the device) and stylus, allowing them to provide inexpensive cheap phones replacing them with touch control. Nevertheless, the market there are trade-offs when the touchscreen is complemented by a physical QWERTY-keyboard (such as HTC Touch Pro 2). Form factor of such phones is called 'side-slider' conventional sliders and candy bars with small buttons under the display had gone into the past. To facilitate the management of screens in such devices are equipped with the support of not only single touches, but at the same time in touch multiple locations (multi). This is true, for example, to scale the photos or web pages. However, for the proper functioning of the multi-touch screen should be performed on a capacitive technology, and not be resistive. This imposes restrictions on its use, for example, in the cold or gloved fingers with long nails. Diagonal screen sizes are still relatively important criterion for selecting the unit, but it must be with the physical resolution, which he supports.

The wide format with a huge resolution (WVGA, for example, like HTC HD2) displays can be just fine for viewing video or photos, but not come for the games. Factories, in principle, have learned to put the display to a comfortable viewing content in the 3-3.5 inch inches is not much housing. All displays are installed on Chinese touchscreen phones are not as large size, are a sign not expensive phone – they can be useful only in the classic scenario of the device. As communicators today, as before, use a memory card standard microSD, but no such small capacity (high capacity) – they put up to 32 GB of information. Whatever it was, not all devices support such drives correctly – it comes from the 8 or 16 GB (on card or do not read, or read errors), so better to have a few cards or in advance, before you buy the phone checks the keeper of information. As an interface connector for wired connections are commonly used mini-micro USB inputs.

They allow you to charge your phone through the normal cable which cost less than $ 100 (as opposed to not cheap reel stands) during synchronization with a PC or a mode card reader or USB drive. Stereo headset plugged into a standard 3.5 mm output – have a proprietary input is currently not allowed. Communicator – a device in the first place for the operation of the web. This suggests that it must have high-speed wireless connection and to it is desirable to be expensive and not cheap to buy a phone you can not everywhere. These include 3G and Wi-Fi. If the latter – is already known technology (in the last few years for it to add on support for specification of WLAN IEEE 802.11n, protocol encoding WPA2 and implementation of DLNA to connect wirelessly multimedia equipment), the 3G network is still relatively new to used to the GPRS EDGE connection users. Ideally, a device must support nynushnee add HSDPA, allowing it to download information from the Internet twice as fast as 'normal' UMTS – at speeds up to 7.2 Mbit / sec. WiMAX devices and CDMA smartphones are for domestic buyers are not usually not the usual thing (they sold them to buy and use such communication services, but to speak of the widespread of such equipment can not).