Tricks Of Hunting

The hunting season began about a month ago and Leon is a land of great hunters by that many homes begins to elaborate game meat. For this type of meat must bear in mind a few basic principles that there is before you decide to cook meat from hunting. Any animal raised in the wild has a meat more consistently and more harsh than another of the same species raised in farm. The taste of game meat will have a more or less strong, intense and distinctive flavor to one or another herb. Therefore, as a rule general and important, any piece of hunting must let it stand and aerate at least 48 hours.

Offal must remove you as soon as possible and do not wash until you are not aerated. With birds, after plucked run them by an open flame, in order to eliminate the small marker that sticks to the meat and let them air-dry without washing. To remove the feathers a trick is to put them in boiling water or have them previously in the refrigerator. To preserve them and subsequently better in aluminum foil. If we want to freeze them we should know that meat endures well six months of freezing and offal only three months. When cooking it any meat or poultry can be left in previous maceration, in a flavorful marinade that bring garlic, oil and spices or herbs (thyme, Rosemary) before cooking.The best hunting trick so that the meat is soft is seasoning stews at the end of cooking. In addition, if the piece of hunting is not too young, to prevent that the meat is tough when you cook, you can leave at rest previously drained and without removing the skin, one or two days in a cool place. In general, all meat hunting (feather, hair or greater) is great in stews and casseroles, but, in addition, juveniles will be tastier cooked grilled or roasted.

If you see that the meat is going to stay hard book to make pate. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Alina de Almeida. Another trap that is commonly done is to leave questions blank. A decision that is wrong for a teacher of the CEF: evaluates the number of issues not answered also, and let many unanswered can eliminate the candidate. In addition, the congruence between the responses is checked in a subsequent personal interview. The manager of Hays recalls that the sincerity and consistency are also measured in the answers.