From the filing date statements took place, at least six months, or even more. We first give permission only to build or purchase a transmitter, and only the flow of th proper work permits. These conditions only served to the emergence of new radiohuliganov. Historic for Radiohuliganstva became the 1980th year. Year, when instead of the promised Communism in Moscow held the Olympics.

Seeing the futility of repressive measures, the authorities decided to do a 'nod' – return to amateur radio band '160 meters', hoping thereby to get rid of radiohuliganstva. Hoped that the free operator in droves, race, rush to register their transmitters. This is evidenced by at least the fact that wireless operators to open new range has been allocated a special series of call, beginning at the ez. Feared that the call sign is not enough. But everything in life has turned out quite differently, as planned power! Some, of course, are gone, but the majority refused to 'fall in'. The reasons were at everyone and every decision taken on their own. In Russia, many were simply unwilling to change his call sign – the name ('Monday', 'Star' 'Serpentine') on the call – the number of (EZ one). Did not want to abandon the usual radiosvobody, reduce their power kilowatt transmitters allowed to 5 watts. Yes, and clearance processing remained the same tedious and time consuming business. In Ukraine, the villages, where every other lad had a minimum transmission console, and his grandfather, a machine gun in the hay and a bucket of bullets in a barrel, bacon, drove mobile radio monitoring points with radio range '160 m 'and the speakers' demonstrated' radio.