Valid Technologies

It is true that we currently have at our disposal many valid technologies, PHP, ASP, AJAX, JSP, etc.. But the truth is that the user when a form is shown, the last thing you want to see is how they appear in that form fields as you fill data (this is not what I say, is what everyone says I have consulted the .) Nor like too see that things move to site or account, picadors occupying bandwidth. – “Make your site beautiful and colorful” –

FALSE: Many say that the best is a site that calls attention to an attractive design, including the curious thing about your layout, but in the end user happens that you want to find easy information, that this appears very prominent truly important, and the rest of the data if you want and read it if you want. The option you choose is all “no goals for the eyes I do not want to see what, if I’m going to an art museum.” – “Create a list of keywords as long as possible” – FALSE: this makes the whole world, you really think that among the millions of pages that are already going to highlight just a list of keywords. It’s good to have keywords that identify the contents of your site, but not a great list to confuse search engines. Only needed. To give suggestions to anyone who wants to make a site and is already thinking about these questions: 1. Ergonomics navigation.