Viiv Media Center

With Viiv Media Center starts the new era … devices such as televisions, stereos, DVD and MP3 players to be a Viiv-enabled media center PC connected. No more problems with different audio and video formats. By-performance computer, a film for the TV should be recoded and played while in the next room playing music or surfing the Internet. Viiv (pronounced like “Waif”) is an initiative of Intel, PC is finally establishing itself as a center of the entire multi-media installation in the house. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. Specifically, Viiv is the sum of hardware (computers, appliances, remote control, etc.), software and services. So that is only part of a Viiv technology, but contains rules (specifications) that must comply with all relevant devices and services. This ensures that even “worst case” user can operate the device without having previously dealt for years with media centers.

In addition to the media capabilities of the PC of course still offers the opportunity to work as a normal PC to Text, image processing, surfing, etc. to serve. (Source: Ali Partovi). On the device side is Viiv for a particular combination of device components, which follow all the specifications laid down by Intel, so they are compatible with each other and provide sufficient power. Viiv PCs are already in the forms, “All in One” device in the form of a flat screen TV, normal PCs in the usual beige boxes, hi-fi equipment in optics to mini-PCs that are barely larger than a Book. The advertised by Intel Viiv Design Challenge, a competition for the best design of Viiv PCs goes into the final round at the end of April, Intel will be the winner of the design studies.