Wall Street Journal

Is the education of our children preparing them for the new challenges of the 21st century economy? This question is very complex and the responses are beyond the scope of a mere article. However, I would like to invite all parents to reflect on an article I read recently in the Wall Street Journal and whose content reflects current education situation. The title of the article said: A Lament for the Class of 2010 (a lament for the promotion of the 2010?). You can read the full article at this link: + Lament+for+the+Class+of+2010 here I give a short summary of the most important parts of the article: in the next few weeks, hundreds of thousands of students will graduate from institutions of higher education. They’ll celebrate for several days, possibly for weeks. They will then enter a labour market that does not want them to have nor need them. They join an economy in which approximately 17% of the people between 20 and 24 years do not have a job and two million college students are made redundant article Additionally mentions that no generation in United States has been faced with larger obstacles to those prevailing today, with the obvious exception of youth who lived during the great depression of 1929.

Economists speculate that something unusual happens: will be a generation that will have one financial success less to the generation that spawned it.The article emphasizes the fact that current graduates of universities, which still graduate from prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale, have probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and all his academic life preparing for a new economy in which their efforts will be irrelevant. In spite of this reality is relevant to the particular conditions of the United States, is a voice of warning that everyone should hear. Why? Because both the education system of them as ours still producing students serially as they did 100 years ago.