The article is ready, it's time search area, where its place. Open any search engine and simply enter the topic of your article. From the resulting list, start to view all sites devoted to this issue. Here it should be noted that the exceptions not in our interests. Pay attention to the enormous cyber-portals, and in fairly good , and in a simple page.

Who knows, maybe you get lucky, and you are invited to write articles for some internet giant. So, at each site looking for the section "Required authors, if one does not, then" Contact Us "or something like that. We find that we are interested in e-mails and copy them into specially created for this document. The resulting list make out in this form: E-mail address, site name and the name of the responsible person (to whom you direct access). Then compose a letter of greeting, which reveal his request for authorship. Example: " Hello respected editorial team! I would really like to become one of your authors. To view send you my test article "Write as little about yourself, why did you decide to become an author, at what level you versed in this matter and the like. Everything.

Now send this letter with the attached article on the previously list. And waiting for an answer. From my own experience I say: you will answer about half of the respondents, many politely refuse, some will offer a trial period (read – to work for free), and only a few answers (at best) will contain an invitation to cooperate. Here is where the need to act. Write a new article, discuss the fee and go. The main thing to start, and then everything goes like clockwork. Their very first money I earned on the Internet that way. Select theme – computer games, because they at the time I spent most of his time. Wrote two test articles and sent them all over gaming sites. One suggested posotrudnichat. Since then, I periodically send their latest announcements and notices, and return to my regularly-purse WebMoney came a pretty good amount. So I have amassed their starting capital. And what to do with the startup capital, and where to invest? Then answer a great many