What Do Damp Masonry?

You can not prevent moisture, but as soon as she enters the masonry, it can cause a considerable damage and jeopardize the building fabric. (tdx) Humidity is almost at any time in and around the House. It is water vapour generated by cooking, washing, showering or ironing, rain water or moisture from the ground. To a lesser extent, moisture is not a problem. She can be kept away by air, a better thermal insulation, or a renewed isolation of the building. Moisture is the problem only if it penetrates into the masonry and permanently leaves damage.

Just rising damp from the ground can be a big problem. Is the part of the building is connected to the ground poorly insulated, so, for example, the basement, moisture penetrates constantly in the masonry and leaves clear traces. In the form of saltpeter efflorescence, mold, plaster yellowing off, etc. The experts of the MinoPlan Gebaudetechnik UG know the causes and problems of moisture damage and the various solution approaches. Any moisture damage to the masonry is different, a general solution does not exist therefore. According to the present situation must be decided individually, what measures are appropriate. So a so-called injection worth”, in which a chemical liquid in holes of the masonry is supplied, is to make a lock on the wet, when the masonry already too much moisture.

In this case, the chemical agents can restrain the moisture only to a part, because the absorption capacity of the construction material decreases with increasing humidity. The approach of an excavation is associated with some effort. To the ground is renewed as the name suggests worn off, a mechanical lock, built for example using a stainless steel plate and the external seals. It prevents that again moisture can penetrate into the masonry, the moist wall itself must still drying out. Also it offers for the draining of wet masonry so-called electro osmosis”according to o standard B3355-2. By applying a voltage in the low voltage range is an electro osmotic liquid transport stimulated and the water pushed back down. The wireless electro-osmosis works on the same principle. Totally wireless, will transmit a low voltage to the masonry and pushing back the moisture. This voltage is measurable and verifiable. While still working on the scientific evidence, hundreds of satisfied customers prove the practicality of this procedure. Advantage of wireless electro osmosis is mainly the price. In contrast to structural changes is no dirt or construction noise, the effort is minimal. The procedure is therefore increasing enjoys popularity. Who is uncertain, whether the system for own moisture damage in question, can get a the MinoPlan Gebaudetechnik UG Council. You even make the test available wireless electro osmosis technology.