Windows Mobile

The fact that Android can be installed practically in all kinds of devices, whether mobile, laptops and even microwave, makes that Android always is present in the strongest market terminals being one important bet by manufacturers and operators for the possibility that regardless of the potential range or performance of the Android device can adapt perfectly to all types of needs below we show you the 2 virtues that make android a great competitor before the others OS phones. 1 Maps and navigation application from Google maps is simply the best that exists. It will only improve with monthly updates that added applications and improved interface. Bing Maps on Windows Mobile is surprisingly good, but does not have the same levels and specifications granular Google Maps. The iPhone Maps application has hardly changed since 2007. Good choices in the app store can be expensive, and require up to 1-2 gigabytes of valuable phone storage. On the other hand, the implementation of Google absorbs almost no space on the phone because everything is in the cloud. The only disadvantage is that the Google maps employ more information and reallocate it when it is outside the area of data.

If you need maps without an internet connection, there are some in the Android Market. In addition, HTC offers a free version of maps without connecting to the internet on their phones. 2 Notification the notification of Google bar bar makes the notification of other platforms systems look incomplete. Controls everything that you can think, emails, messages, notifications of Facebok, priming, software updates and everything can be seen from a hidden bar that you can use almost from any screen. Windows Phone 7 uses icons that demand the abandonment of the current application.

The iPhone has notifications serials that cannot be grouped on the screen. 3 Widgets initially saw no need of Widgets, but after playing a little, it is hard to imagine using a smart phone without them. In the same way as the icons of Windows Mobile 7, you can create a page with your links to Google Voice, RSS, Twitter and Facebook and organize them as you like. Creates a screen in mission control much better than the iPhone, which only allows you to view applications and notifications. 4. Wireless network can create a wireless network with almost all Android phones, enabling other devices such as iPads and laptops to come with the same connection from the phone. Although this has cost extra, the utility and convenience of the service make it much better than the purchase of a dissimilar hardware. IPhone yes creates chains, but only for laptops. Windows 7 does not have the option of wireless networks. 5. Voice commands Windows Phone 7 has voice recognition, and the iPhone takes advantage of an application that bought Apple, called Siri, but none has integrated to the phone as well as Google. From any screen you can press the search button a few seconds and a voice menu automatically expected to give an order. From this menu you can send emails, text messages, choose a song, navigate to a destination, make a call, search the web you can do everything. This is radical if you want to use your phone in your car or if you want to walk without having to write.