Wireless Communications Module

Robust and energy-efficient wireless communications module: standardised sensor network solutions according to to meet the growing demand, the Welotec GmbH, Laer, now offers a tried and tested product with the WirelessHART-system XDM2510. This consists of a transmit/receive module working in the 2.4 GHz, a gateway and a development kit. The system offers an easy way to produce devices with WirelessHART functionality quickly and economically and to provide field equipment manufacturers. The transmit/receive modules have a very low power consumption: In the reception mode 6 mA, the send operation required 18 mA, in slumber mode there are only 8.5 A. thanks to a battery replacement is necessary time-synchronized sending and receiving the average amount of data you transfer only after about 10 years. All modules can act as a router.

The gateway of the system allows the integration of the sensor network with existing networks and assumes tasks of the network, data, and security management at the same time. It can be up to 250 WirelessHART device manage. The developer kit consists of four transmit/receive modules, a gateway, software, various accessories and instructions. An additional quick-start guide facilitates the users.