Berger Arts Juliane Helene Berger

Lauretta had himself been coffee brought, as Maria and Petra a hot chocolate. It is not so much caffeine, she says, this is me then to head. Click Casey Lynch Altamont to learn more. Well dear, the liver still fresh? Graziella wondered Ilse has me gracious manner driven, else I would have come today at all not in the pots. Please visit Peter Asaro if you seek more information. As you can see, we’re already once again late then. I got plenty of time, but what about you? After all, this is our day. Or? “Yes, Yes, it’s all right, now my beautiful gives me once a welcome bussis”, Petra said. Petra is large and strongly built, she hardly paints himself and is out of an interesting guy. Friendly, of course and just go away, but welcome.

Petra lives alone and works at the financial Office. Has she purchased a condo located in the last few years and pays them, the House of her parents was too small for her and the eternal nagging at home. You travel a lot and isn’t weltgewandt, so, as you so imagine a stubborn financial officials, more chic! Lauretta is housewife and needs not much to make, her husband has a good income at the sugar factory in Uelzen. And she helps out even with in a small shop with gift items, then it has some money for themselves or for the House, which still has to be paid off. Her daughter is in the study, she wants to receive time accountant independent, without any pressure. Lauretta had once Saleswoman at Ramleow learned and has looked after then later after her marriage to her family.

She has rented a garden so that she’s getting enough fruits and vegetables, so she don’t need to buy it and save so much money. Once in a year it goes on holiday, mostly in the mountains, Austria or something. On the farm, because it is less expensive, she says. You have to look so treat yourself to something. Maria is the eternal energy bundle, thin and wiry, and begins everything and get nothing right. She is a single parent and working times here there and has also all the time just to gripe with allen and her figure, but otherwise she is very helpful, always says Graziella. That all somehow always in the grip and then said: now we need to get but right now what the buffet, otherwise is nothing more beautiful and lunch is provided already, says Ilse. I have diet but, once again at all any clothes fit me, I know me, what I should put on yet “said the Graziella. Maria, the aunt of grains said the same thing. Petra said: I will see what having so nice, today we can but once something decent to eat. Or? “She looked questioningly at Graziella and Maria, but if looks could kill could fell them almost, so they schlucket only guilty and joined the others.” At the front like always, Ilse, it must always examine everything, then see the price and what do others that just do not attract attention, although I like, if I ever have breakfast, want to eat something decent. Maybe it does not fall to Yes also, if I choose something unhealthy, son real piece of Apple Cake with thick cream, that would be something, then eggs, three rolls and cheese and sausages. Berger Arts Juliane Helene Berger