Robert Zollitsch

So she ventured to squander the great trust they have compared to the personal honestly Skeptics. Their cooing in spite is to doubt the reality of climate change – including the fact that melting Himalayan glaciers – no longer. IPhone 12 does not necessarily agree. … The climate scientists must no longer wrestle down the remaining Scatterbrains among their opponents”(article”New beginning without Pachauri”, in: Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), 02.02.10, S. 16). So, as: “the reality of climate change not to doubt”; and who dares to do it, which is a “gibbering idiot”.

It’s still apodiktischer? Now, apodictic doubt bans are typical and constitutive for pseudo religions. Reminder: the Christian religion calls based on divine revelation as its fundamental element, the infallibility of beliefs (dogma) and considered by the human reason. The pseudo religions, however, parodying these infallibility; logically, the confrontation with the false religions and the attacks against the Christian religion is therefore a special work field of Christian theology (so-called “apologetics”, i.e. defence; also “controversial”, “Theology”). Specifically to the “religion of climate” said Norbert Bolz, Professor of media studies at the TU Berlin: “if so say Christian, traditional religions, people no longer talking, searching for substitute religions. And the most powerful of the current surrogate religion is now concretized in the concern for the world’s climate is certainly the green movement, environmental awareness, what “(interview with Freeman – all sound and Rauch blog, 04.02.2010). Bolt is already more known for his criticism of “Substitute religions”, in particular on the “idolatry of the State” (“State idolatry”); see his book “the knowledge of the religion. Considerations of a religious Unmusical”, Munich 2008.

But can the climate change believers not at least assert, that even “Pope Benedict XVI”, the “Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference” Robert Zollitsch, and many other “representatives of the Catholic Church” call to “Climate”? Well, this is part of the problem: the fact that the Catholic Church has no Pope since the death of Pope Pius XII (so-called “Sedisvakantismus”), is even less appeal as a critique of the climate system-loyal media, and also Norbert Bolz failed here. There remains so much to do. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Federal Ministry

Second module of the energy consensus climate: Academy Bremen completed, November 2013. Want to commit to ambitious climate protection goals, they must include employees at all levels. A changing corporate culture is a determining factor for the success. Dealt with this topic, the second module of the energy consensus climate: Academy end of October in Bremen. “Under the title the makers of climate protection in the Centre: climate change agents increase the effectiveness of their own” twelve executives of large and medium-sized enterprises focused on characteristics of this transformation processes. The lecturers from the field of organization development and change management explained in two days, featuring resistance changes and what conditions promote successful change. The energy consensus climate: Academy is a training opportunity for independent and non-profit climate protection agency energy consensus.

The training offer is part of the funded by the Federal Ministry of environment in the framework of the national climate protection initiative Pilot project green transformation. Overall, nine modules on the subject of entrepreneurial climate are foreseen. Participants Marcus Reichle, marketing and Sales Director building cleaning GmbH, actively bringing it to the point: Pity that I had this knowledge not 15 years ago. Each company probably makes mistakes when new structures and processes are introduced. “But with knowledge of changes, we would have saved us some trouble.” Change bring also special challenges, in the field of climate protection climate explained: Academy lecturer Anuschka Swiss: the abundance of complex and the acceptance of changes in this area often complicate partly contradictory information about climate change. The lack understanding of why employees “, lacking hence the emotional acceptance. “As climate change agent, consider both rational and emotional aspects for a successful transformation process.” Climate change was ultimately only by changing the corporate culture reach, added climate: Academy lecturer Dr. Cornelis Rasmussen: this is more or less the King discipline ‘ for the climate change agents.

Photovoltaic Systems

Economic efficiency depends of photovoltaic systems, yield and solar calculator of yield of photovoltaic systems the factors sunlight, used solar module, angle and orientation of the modules. With a solar calculator, income, taking into account these factors is to calculate. The purely financial income is also promoting solar energy. As the conditions change, also the date of commissioning plays a role. Cell types standard photovoltaic solar calculator with the postal code for Sunshine expected, the date of commissioning for the calculation of feed-in tariff, the type of surface (roof, lean-to roof, flat roof, conversion area or other open space), the usable surface area in square meters, roof alignment (direction), and the roof slope in degrees as basic factors. The type of solar cells is not specified in the computer, to differentiating the differences fall out. Also the shading is not included, it is precisely not to calculate.

The Cell types of the solar modules but in the consideration should be included. A distinction is basically mono – and polycrystalline, and amorphous cells. Poly-crystalline cells are inexpensive, they can achieve very high efficiency. Flat rate to say Mono-crystalline or amorphous cells have a higher efficiency than polycrystalline cells, 2011 no longer true in the year. The manufacturers have gone different ways in development and have achieved some outstanding results on different technological base. In March 2011, the final test by foundation oko Test said that the modules produced in Germany independent results consistently very good and good by their technological base. Solar Calculator: Structure of input because the solar modules constantly evolving in the competition, those data entered in a solar calculator, which remain constant in the construction of photovoltaic systems. These are the geographical conditions and the type of surface, mainly roof alignment and tilt.

The client should only in the Mind keep, with more or less there efficiency systems, contributes to which also the inverter, and will keep the plant over a period of 20 years. The photovoltaic systems work most efficiently when they point directly towards the South. But work very well, also South-East and South-West and South West is somewhat preferred. The yield may be lower in these two areas by up to 20 percent. The roof slope also affects the yield, it is 45 optimally. The difference in yield but more by the direction when influenced by the tilt also flat roofs can provide a satisfactory yield. In a sample calculation a pent roof just south-facing with an inclination of 45 about can yield 6-7 per cent more than in the weakest version of the 15 tilt. All factors together can make a big difference in yield of course, the journal energy dispatch calculated for this extreme differences of up to 500 percent. That’s up about Profit or loss of the plant.

German Hospitality

Through close cooperation, energy consumption should be reduced further Berlin/Rosrath. Always, the climate-hotels show engaged in sustainability and environmental technology to the highest degree. Positive was recorded there, that the creation of a national energy efficiency network is possible within the framework of the DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality. So the decision, the DEHOGA was energy efficiency network the Viabono air hotels”and thus the first German hotel certification-energy efficiency network at all to set up, fast cool: combining our experience and skills contributes to further reduce of our energy consumption and cost considerably in. Together we can achieve much faster our goals than every man for himself alone.

That we assisted by experts, provides additional chance.”it brings Thomas long Juan of the air-hotel Gutshof Ziegelhutte (Edenkoben) on the point. Georg Raafat, project manager of the DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality, is delighted: the participants of the “DEHOGA energy efficiency network the Viabono air hotels” have a role model for the hospitality industry in terms of energy efficiency and climate protection. It therefore especially glad that they have laid out the communication of successful measures in its network objectives and also to closely cooperate with the DEHOGA hospitality energy campaign. “” So can the entire hospitality industry from the valuable experience which this highly dedicated Lighthouse holdings “have already collected and still collect that benefit.” About climate Hotels: Climate hotels are Viabono certified hosts, their CO? emissions ecologically and economically optimized. The hotels have their CO? footprint determined and compensate for the unavoidable rest of CO? emissions through certified projects. The climate-hotels are committed to the task, to offer their guests a climate-friendly stay, without having them sacrificing quality and convenience. You act in all areas of the hotel industry and gastronomy with high environmental awareness. It is the Climate hotels important to spread awareness of climate nationwide, to promote and to promote climate protection.

Model Company Visualize Climate Protection

Energy consensus national pilot project in Bremen starts. Looking for your pilot project green transformation for the non-profit Bremen climate protection agency energy consensus immediately model company with at least 50 employees from North-Western Germany. The project funded by the Federal Ministry for the environment focuses on entrepreneurial climate and ending 2015 participating companies can qualify for free at the energy consensus climate Academy and receive contributions of up to $10,000 for implementation and support of experts and consultants. In return, the model business transformation make the network of green their experiences available. “Why is an application worth, explained Michael Pelzl, Managing Director of energy consensus: from innovative, market-ready products to supply chain management to employee satisfaction climate protection in any area important impulses be, to secure the future viability of the company.” With the pilot project, the Bremen climate protectionists incorporate Germany unique training and consulting services on. It aims to make companies in dealing with new challenges like shrinking resources and rising energy prices Act and to protect the climate. An important component of green are our role models transformation: best-practice examples and model company.

Former give a glimpse of authentic companies has already been achieved with strategic climate. The latter show up-to-date and understandable, how can such a transformation process”, says Project Manager Michael Pelzl. What measures and projects implement the model company during the project period until March 2015, depends on their individual situation. Energy efficiency should be already firmly anchored in operation as a theme, possibly an environmental management system is available. That we build and work with management to develop realistic goals and a timetable,”Pelzl performs. With changes and accompanying their own experiences to share dealing, you report Companies regularly in weblogs about the current state of development. The evaluation of carried out measures is carried out jointly. The Bremen air protection agency now accepts applications potential model company under. Interested companies informally following questions: what has done your company so far in the field of climate protection? Why do you see a chance in the entrepreneurial climate protection? What would you get with regard to climate protection in your company? In addition, energy consensus-General data and information such as size of business, industry and contact required. The climate protection agency reserves the right to select the incoming applications according to situation. For more information see vorbilder.html questions about green transformation and the model company Michael Pelzl answered by telephone at 0421/376671-0.

March Data

New generation of electronic domestic meter presents a new generation of electronic household counter (EDL counter) the EMH metering GmbH on the year’s ZMP in Nuremberg. The EDL counter of the German provider have been developed with regard to the requirements of the energy industry Act and have the approval with regard to the signature of the data physically Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). This counter comply with all requirements of FNN specifications EDL. Also the modifications adopted in March of this year after the FNN specifications 1.1 currently are implemented. The EDL-can be configured as a single or double tariff meter counter.

The counter data is sent over two data interface using SML Protocol (smart message language) transfer. The Saldenbildung in the counter is carried out strictly in accordance with the VDE application rule AR-N 4400, making it fully in plants, which are designed according to specifications of the Erneuerbaren-Energy Act, can be extensively used. When using the EDL compliant counters in smart metering projects is provided the connection using MUC controllers (EDL 40-measuring system). The EDL 40 mode the total counter is signed to so that it can be used for the purposes of the settlement. Read more from to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The data is encrypted during transmission using wireless M-bus with the powerful encryption standard AES and offer full legal certainty. “ wins the subject of data protection and data security in the context of smart metering projects increasingly in importance and will change the counting system in the future more sustainable”, as Heinz Klimpke, Sales Director Germany of the EMH metering GmbH. To set comprehensive and uniform regulations, three expert meetings organised by the Federal Office for security in information technology take place until mid-2011, in which also the EMH metering participated.

Incorporating physically Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), as well as the TuV Informationstechnik GmbH will after a valid throughout the United Kingdom, uniform protection profile for smart metering will be set. EMH complete solutions for Smart metering the EDL counter generation of the EMH is more tariffahig and allows you to measure energy-reference and direction of delivery. In addition to the standard variants as a three point counter for 60A, also 100A-Zahler (3.HZ) are available. The portfolio is rounded off by single-phase versions and necessary ancillary products such as tariff switching module and optical probes. On the MUC technology, the EMH metering offers its own product set available in GSM/GPRS, PLC and LAN, that meet all requirements for data security and data protection