The Knowledge

In order to carry out mentioned intentions it is worth the pain to stop to us and to make an analysis deep with the expositions of Taylor, Pearson, Clark and Walpole (2000) that identified some effective characteristics in the education of the lectoescritura. When a boy has a difficulty specific, the efficient professor responds of direct and immediate way. Also he promotes the independent reading and participating discussions on read texts together. These professors had high expectations and forced the students to construct significant knowledge while they read, making questions abiertas10. The exigencies as far as the understanding of reading and textual production increase significantly in this level where the student will make contact with enemy with different types from texts from the narrative one to the argumentative raises it .de la misma manera (background knowledge): having access to texts with diverse literary sorts in the first years is a key factor to create general knowledge and the construction of schemes that are used basic for the competitions to read with understanding, not only with amplitude but with depth 11. Nowadays, the mere capacity to decode texts written, although it can be sufficient to choose the bus or wished meter, or to be able to differentiate to a candidate from another one in one ballot, is not sufficient to be able to include texts written in diverse supports printed, digital, etc. , essential skill to be able to follow and to participate in the political conversations of democracies that aspire to being it as form of life, and also insufficient to accede to the knowledge on diverse subjects, in a process of continuous self-training, essential capacity to be able to participate at the moment in economies based on the knowledge. A fabulous strategy is to develop institutional a reading project is to include and to give the due value to the function that fulfills scholastic libraries and of classroom and to do of her a place of pleasant encounter between students and diverse texts that it allows to develop them the capacity to identify and to negotiate diverse points of view on a same subject, essential condition to participate in a democracy modern and condition very important to allow that the citizens can participate in active form in demanding their representatives who render accounts by the administration of the public.

Internet Marketing

Since we have already talked, another one of the tools that support marketing in Internet is the popular YouTube site, since this platform allows us to publish videos that include connections towards our page Web. It is known that many users look for information in this platform, allowing them or rather orienting them towards our sites according to the subject. But. How we looked for a video? The answer is; Using key words (phrases) in the finder of YouTube; digitamos which we want to find and this unfold a series to us of options that we can review. Being thus, that the search begins with the selection and writing of a key word, he is coherent that we use " keyword tool" in order to name and to label our videos, in order that they fulfill his intention, that is the generation from traffic to our site or channel, through having an important number of reproductions.

As you already know, initially it is necessary to have registered an account in YT soon to come to raise your videos. Important considerations for the success (important number of reproductions) of a video: Size of smaller or equal video to 2GB? Maximum time of video 15 minutes? Admitted formats = avi, mp4, mpg, 3gp, fld and other accepted by YT Advice to publish in the fields destined for the information and configuration of the video: TITLE Like to be found by a motor search (for example, the one of google) we needed one or several key words that identifies our page Web; with the videos it is completely similar, in necessary to place like title a representative phrase of our video so that this it is located and shown, in fact we must take the time to investigate this word (phrase) to select, using a tool of key words. Doing this we will obtain that our video is seen. DESCRIPTION Considera to initiate and to finalize the description of your video being placed the URL of your Web site, as well as, to include the title of the video in the description, that is recommendable is short. LABELS Coloca the separated words by commas and includes some of phrase agreement, uses I number of that you like. You do not forget to include the title of the video that you selected in this list. I recommend to see video in original Author and source to you of the article.