Russian Roof

It is reported by the company “business” that specializes in roofing materials and fencing. Keramoplast mainly used for lightweight structures with skeletal bearing walls, and its cost in terms of unit operating time is the lowest among the roofing materials. Keramoplast roof is light, perfectly adapted to the conditions of the Russian climate. Such coverage is a practical, plastic, not softens when overheated and not made brittle in the cold, quietly opposed hurricane winds. Keramoplast, as noted by the experts of “business” is not so malleable as bituminous materials, and not as resilient as sheet steel, but can withstand all stresses inherent in roofing materials.

For durability this roof is easy to compete with ceramic tile, incidentally surpassing it in terms of mechanical strength. Roofing usually comes from keramoplasta wind strips and ridge details, which gives a finished look roof, in addition, often presented in a variety of colors. It is reported by the company “business”, specializing in roofing materials and fencing. Keramoplast mainly used for lightweight structures with skeletal bearing walls, and its cost per unit of operating time is the lowest among the roofing materials. Keramoplast roof is light, perfectly adapted to the conditions of the Russian climate. Such coverage is a practical, plastic, does not soften when overheated and not is brittle in the cold, quietly opposed hurricane winds. Keramoplast (), as noted by the experts of “business” is not so malleable as bituminous materials, and not as resilient as the steel sheet, but must accept any Load characteristic of roofing materials. For durability this roof is easy to compete with ceramic tile, incidentally surpassing it in terms of mechanical strength. Roofing keramoplasta usually equipped with wind straps and ridge details, which gives a finished look roof, in addition, often presented in a variety of colors.

Lost Foam Casting

4000 C, at which the post-combustion and evaporation residue decomposition foam deposited on the surface of the sand. Loss of turnover up spillage of sand and sifting of fines for prevent it from excessive dust. In addition, using a cyclone dust deposition during the passage of gases Extracted from the mold and post-combustion of waste gases in plants with a degree thermocatalytic neutralization of 98% of the allocation in the atmosphere of a gas mixture of 85% N2, 5% O2, 10% CO2, in which traces of the hydrocarbon component does not exceed 0.001%, which is 10 – 15 times less than the maximum allowable emissions standards and, therefore, significantly improves ecology of production. For non-ferrous alloys used the same model-molding equipment, which due to its simplicity, easily produced in Ukraine (for other types of molding quality equipment is usually imported). Mashable is actively involved in the matter. This way you can get the casting of iron and steel of all kinds, bronze, brass and aluminum, all brands. In the box on the "Christmas tree" can be at once to pour tens of castings, as in the jewelry production, which is another "trump card" for casting penomodelyam. Create casting technology for the gasified models due to the technological revolution of the past half century, along with processes such as vacuum forming, continuous casting, low pressure, pulse shaping, etc. All these technologies are now on the rise, and shops and areas with a flexible technology for casting penomodelyam (Lost Foam Casting – is her name in English) today are multiplying around the world – from America to China.

Innovative Technology

Laser trackers are used where there is a need for measuring and comparing with the CAD-model of massive and bulky objects in heavy machinery, aircraft – and shipbuilding. Most applications have a wide range of mobile measurement systems such as the "hand". Get more background information with materials from Peter Asaro. They are used in many industries where there is a need for rapid and comprehensive control of parts, accessories, blanks, get prototypes of future products. Consider the most advanced to date mobile CMM such as "hand Quantum FaroArm. The first thing that attracts attention in this system – a high ratio of accuracy to the size of working area: the frequency of point – to + / -16 microns! (For 6-axis arm with a working area of 1.8 m, for information, accuracy of hand depends linearly on its length: the longer the arm, the lower the accuracy.) The system has an active temperature compensation: a Each tribe is located in the hands of two temperature sensors, according to information from which the measured coordinates is amended to take into account the change in length of the knees, depending on temperature. Hand can operate from built-in battery and transfer data through the interface Bluetooth. No wires do not interfere with the work under their feet.

The system automatically turns off the critical components to reduce power consumption and extend service. Of particular note are probes. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Quantum FaroArm arm can be used with "smart" probes i-Probe, each of which contains a sensor and electronics stores the real value of the diameter of each specific probe with a up to the sixth decimal place. The second option – to use as standard measuring probe Renishaw TR20. Renishaw touch probe with a sensor is a compact touch probe with replaceable modules, allowing a wide range of stylus and extensions to provide access to elements of complex parts.

TR20 probe with sensor touch enables users to easily measure the hands of the objects made of soft and flexible materials. Patented 'bend' immediately reads the data, virtually eliminating deformation of the details that arise when using a solid-state probe. Quick replacement stylus without TR20 recalibration of the probe may save a considerable amount of time. Replacing the stylus takes seconds. Detachable modules TR20 probe protects the probe from side impact. TR20 provides excellent visibility around the tip of the stylus, facilitating the measurement of complex parts. The combination of the outstanding metrological characteristics of contact sensor provides a great way of measuring system. In addition, especially for FARO company Renishaw has developed a contact probes FARO SENSOR, overcoming limitations of conventional solid-state probes. FARO SENSOR – touch-sensitive solid probe, which embodies the latest technological manufacturing sensors touch. Innovative Technology FARO SENSOR guaranteed meter reading only when the tip of the probe concerns the details. This eliminates the need for culling erroneous data, collected at the time and lack of contact probe measured parts. FARO SENSOR significantly improves the accuracy and repeatability of measurements, minimizing the dependence of the result of the experience of the operator. FARO SENSOR probe can be used with different tips, which provide access to the complex and difficult items. On the arm can be attached to the scanner module 'Laser Line Probe', which turns it into a universal tool for the inspection of parts, prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D-modeling and comparison of point clouds with the CAD-model. The scanning speed – up to 19,200 points per second. The system is compatible with the software Geomagic, Polyworks, Rapidform, and many other third-party products. Experts Metrology Center 'Master Service'

Lenel Systems International

In addition, the Ethernet controller receives the access and power supply technology for PoE (Power over Ethernet). This arrangement eliminates the need for power device pads additional power cables, reducing installation time and overall cost of the equipment access point. To enhance the security point of access to LNL-2210 regime implemented anti-passback (prohibition of re-runs), which imposes restriction on the passage of the identification card the user is not logged. Lenel controller is also capable of providing a temporary ban on re-passage and limiting the maximum number of people in the area. In the latter case, the preset limit visitors to the zone controller locks the door, until someone from the staff would not leave the zone. This function is very useful, for example, controlling access to the parking lot with a limited number places.

For the physical control of passage through an access point on the electronic board controller Lenel provides two outputs, one of which controls a door contact (reed switch) and the other – to exit request button (REX). At the same time device has an output for control lock and general-purpose output, which can connect any signal equipment, such as a siren or light signaling device. LNL-2210 also has a specially Dedicated input for tamper switch which is mounted in the housing of the controller Lenel to install, and if it sends a tamper alarm server. New NICs Lenel LNL-2210 has already received the Russian market, but their retail price is 1010 USD, including VAT. For more information on deliveries of equipment, as well as design and installation of Lenel Access Control brand, please email mail or by phone (495) 787-3337 for the company's managers "ARMO-LINE", which is a certified partner of Lenel Systems International. The company Lenel Systems International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of software, hardware and access control integrated security systems based on them. The platform includes OnGuard: access controllers, modules, readers and input / output, control panels, video recorders, and software for video surveillance systems, control access, time tracking, security alarm, access control biometric system, applications, printing access cards, etc. Lenel Integrated security systems differ in their reliability, efficiency, scalability and widely used in offices the world's largest companies.


Manufacturing and engineering company BIORAY signed a government contract to supply systems, purification of drinking water in the budgetary institutions Perevozskogo District of Nizhny Novgorod region. The customer Ministry Environment and Natural Resources of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. During the project implementation will be applied technologies of its own production: water purification system based on reverse osmosis, iron removal systems as well as, additionally equipped with drinking fountains of two levels The project includes 13 facilities, including schools and kindergartens Perevozskogo area. All work must be completed before the end of 2010. "The project in this developed region of Russia, as Nizhny Novgorod region, will be for our company a good opportunity to expand their activities in the country – said Alexander Panin, CEO BIORAY, – We have enough knowledge and experience to work successfully for government contracts. " About the company: Production and engineering company BIORAY (OOO "Adaptive Technology") is engaged in designing and implementing the full range of solutions designed to create the optimal sound eco-environment of man. The basic direction – the development of water technologies.

Main specialty – engineering, design, production, integrated delivery equipment, erection supervision and commissioning, as well as subsequent service facilities. Our main specialization – production and integrated delivery of equipment, engineering, designing and conducting pre-commissioning and subsequent service maintenance facilities. As part of the project we offer the equipment as its own production (under the brand name BIORAY), and product solutions to our partners. The company has a broad network of partners specializing in various areas of water and are leaders in their market segments. The presence of a strong and long-term partnership relations allows us to offer complete solutions for water treatment at various levels of complexity. One of the key advantages is BIORAY strategic partnership with Kraftway – a recognized technology leader of the Russian computer market. Under this collaboration, we offer complete product solutions for various government and commercial organizations on the unique IT-development. Production Some lines of products under the brand name BIORAY, located on the largest industrial and logistics complex Kraftway in Obninsk. For more information visit:

Constructing a Villa

Own country house – the dream of almost every three urban dwellers. If a large cottage built one with his own hands and force difficult even to say that practically not possible, then a small cottage house construct is quite real. Please note that if you first come to our site and belong to the category of people who are going to do the construction of cottages on their own, then the place to be. The site provided much useful information about the building, which will help build your dream home in the shortest possible time. My favorite summer residence – where do you start building the house and what features have such a house? We suggest, first, to build a fence! It will secure from vandals and thieves. One should not think that there is no time at home, steal what is not. For any construction required a building material, do not wake you every time his discharge from themselves.

Imagine what would be a shame to come to your country site and discover what part, if not all the building blocks is missing. Agree, the situation is not pleasant. So, before you start to build your cottage hands, we highly recommend his country fence area. Which fence to build? All possible options are the most exciting fencing on a site in a beautiful home. Also, we have published the vestma poznovatelnaya article on how to build a fence with his hands. Favorite giving their own hands.

Construction of villas and troublesome here, do not hurry. The main thing to choose the right technology on which to build your cottage house. Now in the construction market represented a lot of material, there are many different technologies on which we can construct a country house with his hands. In two words to describe all the advantages, disadvantages of different Technology does not work, but every technology site has articles that will help you decide. The same can be said about the foundation. There is no option that would suit everyone. The foundation for the favorite summer residence should be chosen based on the characteristics of the soil in your area and the total mass of the future of suburban homes. The most common variant of the foundation, of course, strip foundations. But it is also not a universal option. If your country site is located in a damp, low spot in a field of permanent water, then the holiday home is more appropriate pier foundation. To learn how to build a foundation in the country with his own hands, visit the website. How to lay a foundation learned how to build a country house with their hands – well, now is to deal with the roof. The roof is a very important element of the holiday home. Every year there are new and modern roofing materials. So do not stop at the first pick-me-in the material. Be familiar with basic roof materials used in the construction of suburban rooftops can read the article the design of the roof. When the country house was built, it is possible proceed to internal and external decoration. Finishing is in addition to the aesthetic function of more protective. The material on the exterior giving your hands often use the siding. To give great interior suit lining.

Decorating Metal

immune to this, the more users:)) The purpose of each article – is to present a kind of knowledge. The article should be useful to a person and she will live. In this brief essay I will talk about how the decoration of metal, their advantages and disadvantages and the estimated average prices. So nachnem.Shelkografiya Silk was invented in 1908 in London and patented a technology called Silk screen printing. Principle: The dye is applied through the silk on any surface. It can be metal, plastic, fabric. Badges made using this technology have a high value (about 1.8 cm square of P), low quality graphics and poor abrasion resistance. That photo made nameplate using this technology: Thermal transfer Thermal transfer – is sublimation.

Initially, the film is printed mirror image, then the film is placed upon the surface of the metal and the hot press and hold pressed for half a minute. Quality Graphics satisfactory stoikost to abrasion is poor, resistance to UV light at all. Cost about 2 rubles per sq. cm. At the bottom photo, look at what happened to the plate for 4 months of sunny summer: Chemical etching Steel Chemical etching are also called 'chemical engraving.

" Principle: in some parts of the plate is applied to acid-metallicheksoy layer, then the metal surface is treated with an acid or a strong alkali. The graphics. Cost about 3 USD. per sq. cm. Average quality graphics, amazing resistance to abrasion. Schild, stainless steel can last 50 million years or more. Here are photos: Alyumofoto Alyumofoto – new technology which is the principle that the surface of a plate of metal (aluminum), contains silver particles. At the plate through the negative image was projected and some parts of plaques 'zatsvechivayutsya' ultraviolet light. Amazing quality graphics – you can even move the metal photo. Abrasion resistance is excellent. The cost of 1.5-3 rubles. per sq. cm. The photo below Metallografika Metallografika – a new technology developed by for the needs of the Russian military-industrial complex. The essence of the method: the metal is pre-processed and disclosed his pores. Then the plate is placed in a bath of an organic dye, and then under vakkuumnym clamp to the plate and pressed against the film illuminates the ultraviolet light. Then, the unexposed areas washed with water and applied to the protective oxide layer. Graphics quality, excellent. The stability is amazing. Cost – 0.5 -1.7 rubles per sq. cm.