Natural Stone Processing

Steinmetz informs sixes from Augsburg the craft of Stonemasonry is one of the oldest craft professions of in human history. According to early man dealt with the possibilities of processing natural stones, because for the fine-tuning of sculptures need other tools for a stele or stone blocks for the construction of the House. However, the different processing techniques are made in the course of the centuries and millennia, so that you can relatively accurately determine the age of a building or a monument today using his surface treatment. Christian Steinmetz six describes some of the most important techniques and their applications. The traditional methods of surface machining of natural stone are the basis for the modern stonemason craft.

Sometimes the technology is so advanced, that work can be done by machine. From the aesthetic point of view, actual manual labor is still preferable. Planing: The process of planing is spacious with wood processing in Associated. Actually can but also stones, at least very soft as sandstone or soft limestones are planed. The procedure, which is since the 19th century in use, is performed with a tool that resembles a plasterer planing.

Planed stones are at the end of ground barely indistinguishable. Polishing: Polished stones are now often made by machine in rough. Felt discs and polishing paste are used when polishing using a polishing machine. Earlier, you use this canvas bales or hemp or cotton ropes together with grated lead and fine Emery. The fine polishing of great use were Tin ash and sulphur flower. One of the oldest, which has come to the usage in the post-Christian Europe for finishing of natural stones is the so-called tips. Until about the 11th century, this technique was primarily used for the dressing of stone blocks for walls. In the course of the middle ages, concise patterns by means of railway spikes became popular. These Method was used also practical purpose to make non-slip stair treads or floors. The Augsburg Steinmetz Christian sixes has found the right mix of traditional processing methods and State of the art technology in his work and makes them to benefit for the individual design of tombstones, fountains and many other stone works. Christian granted six always a differentiated overview and detailed information about its work and the services of his establishment. Press contact Steinmetz six contact person: Christian six hops str. 10A 86179 Augsburg Tel.: 08 21 / 8 00 63 94 fax.: 08 21 / 8 21 26 email: Homepage:

The Concept

We cannot leave to consider the previous knowledge of the pupils, many times if disdain the concepts developed in elapsing of the life of the child, and the professor tries ' ' milagrosamente' ' to make the pupil to understand concepts and theories that it stops they do not make the felt minor, who the mathematics is present in our day the day cannot deny, but to involve the real world with the education of the mathematics is a complex task that demands persistence and effort on the part of the professor. The history of the mathematics appears as an allied in the education of the mathematics, almost all book of mathematics of the basic education possesss when elapsing of its chapters stretches of history that count as the studied concept appeared, many times this historical part is rejected for the professors who if worry only about the application of the concept in itself, for pupil to discover as the concept appeared that is being taught to it is of great important, therefore the pupil learns that the studied subject did not appear of the nothing. CHARACTERISTICS OF the EDUCATION OF the MATHEMATICS the mathematics appeared from the necessity human being in deciding questions day to day, with passing of the time it was evolving, until becoming itself into an immense system of disciplines, with this evolution the mathematics if it became of certain abstract form. This mathematical abstraction is one of the biggest challenges that the professor faces inside of the classroom, to give sensible and to materialize the mathematics transmitted for the pupils is not a simple task, to formulate a lesson involving a subject is not something so complicated, but to obtain to materialize all the lessons is that a problem becomes, is easy to make a geometric lesson being involved graphical or figures, but to materialize a lesson on polynomials or the binomial of Newton is not so simple. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mikkel Svane.


Indifferent what they say the great majority of the people, on what the preconception says respect, as being a maleficent and abominable thing. As being a thing that if would not have to exist. Clearly that in surplus, everything that exists, it can be yes harmful the convivncia of the humanity, but, more important of what the point of view of a daily pay-judgment, is of the intolerncia. With everything, the preconception if more deeply to analyze a little and without masks using it of the hypocrisy, we see that this type of attitude, in all human being, is existing, of latent form or not. a defense necessary, to be able themselves to prevent to the times, some types of risk situations, or that they do not condizem with its historical thought/, that fits its creation, before the same ones happen.

This placing in the positive direction in what he is relative to the preconception. We are not speaking here of the extremism of the daily pay-judgment, but, of a thing that never will be extinguished of the mind of the man. At least a light preconception. We have yes, nowadays, is to take very well-taken care of with another aspect of the personality human being, much more dangerous who prejudging. The intolerncia. This yes, in turn, fits to the most barbarous events already happened in the world the rejection. By means of the intolerncia, that if develops farpas, that they attack the good relationship between the peoples, the societies, familiar. The preconception always will exist, in all human judgment, wants wants wants not.

What it goes to remain the men is if to control so that this does not finish if becoming a intolerante extremism the point to cause damage to the next one. While to exist the intolerncia, I say this in all the aspects, will not have peace, therefore the radicals, always are blind, without being able of judgment. Then, let us be more tolerant, even with we ourselves. Thus we will be more apt to analyze everything and all basically, and only thus, with the knowledge, the preconception is reduced the acceptable levels.

Interior Heights

Studies in Western Europe have shown that people need more and more space for their well-being to life. At the same time the urban sprawl problem. Read more here: Peter Asaro . The Zapco Ltd. Frequently Viacom has said that publicly. responded to this trend with their different housing typologies which are not only the generous living space in the foreground, but especially the characteristic ceiling heights up to deep in the Interior of the apartment bring plenty of natural light and trigger an incomparable sense of space. The Zapco Ltd. housing solutions are an alternative to single-family homes.

The different room heights divide the floor plans in various areas of use, the open-plan interior looks particularly bright. With clear outer language of forms of accents surrounding the building, ensure a high recognition value and a strong identity. The concept was the kick-off of the different types of pile up. More than 100 pile up apartments built up today at four locations in the Switzerland The second typology developed stack up at the time in Rheinfelden in the 42 Springs garden Apartments. The newest typology of heap up was presented just a few days ago.

HEAP UP is a concept for two orientations the typology of heap up the latest living concept of the Zapco Ltd special feature is the differentiation in a room with two different heights: the living area as well as the outdoor area characterized by a ceiling height of 3.10 m, all other rooms are equipped with a ceiling height of 2.60 m. Especially for sites that allow two orientations of residential buildings, heap up offers a unique feel-good character with light from two sides. Situations that allow an alignment to the Sun on the one hand, and as an alignment to the attractive views of the other side are therefore optimal. Heap up is the third concept and complements the two first types of housing to pile up and stack up.

The Concept Of The Theory Of Yin Yang

What is the Yin-Yang? by the community acupuncture Yin and Yang terms first appeared in the Yi Jing (the book of changes in the Zhou dynasty). At its origin, the terms were used to designate the two slopes of a mountain. The sunny side was Yang and Yin shaded side. Later, the meaning was extended to include all opposites in all phenomena. Yin and Yang then began to be used to denote the climate cold or hot, up or down, left or right; exterior or interior, and the quiet and the dynamic. All natural events and States of being are based on Yin and Yang, and can be analyzed on the basis of the theory of Yin-Yang.

Yin-Yang theory, however, does not refer to any phenomenon specific in particular. It is a theoretical method for the observation and analysis of the phenomena. In general terms, the Yin and Yang is a philosophical concept, a way to generalize the two opposite principles can be observed in all manifest phenomena in the natural world. Yin and Yang represent two phenomena separated opposite natures, as well as different aspects opposing within the same phenomenon. Thus, the ancient Chinese people came to understand that all aspects of the natural world can be viewed as phenomena of dual aspect.

For example, day and night, brightness and darkness, movement and stillness, heat and cold, etc. It is said: water and fire are the Yin and Yang symbols. This means that water and fire represent two opposing primary aspects of a contradiction. Based on the properties of water and fire, everything in nature can be classified as Yin or Yang. Aspects that present basic properties of fire, such as heat, movement, brightness, movement upwards and outwards, excitation and power belong to Yang, while those who have the basic properties of water, such as cold, stillness, darkness, downward and inward, inhibition, and the weakness belong to Yin. Consequently, in the field of medicine, different parts of the body are classified as Yin or Yang. For example, the upper and outer part of the body belong to Yang and the bottom and interior parts to Yin; the hands belong to Yang, while the feet to Yin; the five Zang organs belong to Yin and six Yang Fu organs. Nature Yin-Yang of a phenomenon is not absolute but relative. This relativity is reflected in two ways. On the one hand, under certain conditions can Yin become Yang and vice versa (the interdependent nature of the transformation of Yin and Yang), and by the other, any phenomenon can be infinitely divided into Yin and Yang, aspects which reflects its own Yin – Yang internal relationship. Day, for example, is Yang, while the night is Yin. However, each can be classified in the following way: the morning is Yang within Yang, and the afternoon is Yin within Yang. The first half of the night inside is Yin within Yin, and the second half of the night is Yang within Yin. This differentiation of the natural world in their opposing parties can carry out to infinity. Therefore, we can see that Yin and Yang are extreme opposites and yet interdependent. By the same author: Viacom. Both oppose and complement each other, and exist in all natural phenomena. Traditional Chinese medicine applies the principles Yin-Yang of interconnection and continuing transformation in the human body to explain the physiological changes and pathological causes of diseases, and so guide clinical diagnosis and the respective treatment. To your health! Original author and source of the article.