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How to connect Wi-Fi router, for example dir 300NRU. Why d-link dir 300NRU? Because this is a very good budget model in terms of price and quality. That works for me more than one month, believe me, I squeeze all of the electronics 200% I will describe Specifically in my case. Before me stood the task is to provide Internet access and local area network, two laptops, pda, computer, server. Started. The first step is to determine where would be the router, I need a WI-FI at home and court, therefore, was chosen location on the window sill. Now we spent all the wires to the router and compress their connectors on both sides. After all the dirty work is done, you can configure. (Source: Pete Cashmore).

On computers and servers in the network tinctures ticking obtain ip automatically. Start-My Network Places-Display network connections (column to the left) – Local Area Connection. Mouse click on the icon of the two – properties – click on Internet Protocol tcp / ip and click the Properties button. Needed that would always be checked to obtain ip automatically. Save and exit. Laptops are not required to set up, as they work on Wi fi and all the settings come automatically. Communicator is also a settings are not needed.

The server I was on an operating system windows xp so most that with computers. Now you can configure the router. Connect to the router patch cord (included with the router). Configure Use the dial or by hand (on the internet a lot of information). When it worked to ensure good security WI-FI. Change into the Setup-Wireless Setup – Manual Wireless connection setup And Wireless Security Mode select wpa/wpa2 Network Key set how complicated to make it harder to find. For complete safety, I recommend to put filtering by mac address and disable the automatic issuance of ip. I do not need it, but I still like to do then write. Full news with pictures

Email Servers

And it is not surprising: the digital letter comes to the recipient within a few seconds after you send, even if the message attached to 'heavy' files – photos, music or videos. Via e-mail on a computer hackers can penetrate. As an option they can try to learn through the delivery of false data communications access to a bank account or download to your hard drive a malicious program. Fraudsters are interested primarily owners of electronic purses. How to protect yourself from these dangers and how to protect your privacy? 1. When you register on various forums or sites Dating must specify a valid email address.

For these purposes it is best suited so-called disposable addresses: they can be used to register and to receive a letter with your registration data. After a while the address will be automatically deleted: after a single use it is hardly useful. Write it in two ways. a) If you want a one-time address, you can mail service Spambog, which provides e-mail addresses of the form: Name for a short time. Unlike conventional online mailbox Spambog work with restrictions.

For example, read messages are stored on the server 2 days unread 4 days, and use the address can be used only for three months. b) If you want – the address for a longer time, you can use a service that will forward incoming messages to the 'real' mailbox, for example Some sites block disposable addresses. In this case, you can create an address on another server, such as or – the last to bypass the lock, each user logs on to site automatically creates a new address with different domain names.

Internet Protocol

Suppose you have a happy 3G-modem and SIM-card with unlimited access to the Internet, but the connection speed is very slow, and, moreover, 3G does not catch (I live 50 km from Ekaterinburg). What to do? I found the simplest solution! And do not need anything but a pda with Windows Mobile, sill, and bluetooth-dongle for the computer. So, let's begin. Take the pda and go to the Start menu. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. There, select Programs, and then in turn aaplet 'Total Internet'.

It must choose operator and the type of connection to the computer. We choose the bluetooth. Well, apparently the device and now you can access it, as part of the client network. Assumes that the user has a dongle, and it is already connected. In the system tray (where watch show) click the right mouse button on the bluetooth icon.

In the context menu dab in the 'Join a Personal Area Network (PAN)'. The computer may droop a little while looking for the device to access the network. In the window with the device list select ours. Then suddenly in the system tray will have two monitors, and if you click on them, then see the window of the connection status. There prevrut that speed 1 mbsek, but it's all nonsense. Such a speed of edge is not to wait (350 kbsek maximum, in my opinion). Take the pda and place it on the sill to the house wall had not been a barrier to radio waves (a wave windows are easier, hence there is higher signal level). You're done! During the day, of course, speed will not very fast as edge – gsm Internet Protocol and it goes through the phone calls. During the day many of them, unlike the night. That is the night rate will peak. I advise you to sit at night. And when you're in town, then there is 3G and not bother my head this method, I invented it only for edge. Why 3G-modem channel? And because his antenna is rather weak, compared with an antenna KPKtelefona (the phone is also possible to crank).

Internet Searches

Introduction This article is intended, as you may have guessed, for the novice web-building, striving to plunge into the wilds of Internet technology and to acquire their own site. I will briefly outline its difficult path of action, and you have to decide – either to follow in my footsteps and taste the beauty of creative throwing, or just enjoy the final product of my research. A new beginning So, five months ago, I was inexperienced, hungry and poor (though poor remains to this day). But I passionately desired to make a website. If you are not convinced, visit Kai-Fu Lee. Knowledge on this subject was exactly zero and, after running through the pages of the Internet, I got two powerful artifacts: 1.

program Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0 2. book Dronov va "Tutorial Macromedia Dreamweaver 8" Using Drimviver I finally realized what a web page (thanks to this program has a month free trial use) and made his first Internet site to your hard drive computer. Now in front of me was a question the choice of hosting (the place where my site will be posted), but not simple, and free. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. I am poor. At Narode Like all newcomers, "Baraholkin" decided to start with people. Simple, free, reliable – that's how can I describe the usability of this service. Even when my site hacked the infamous hacker kid, unlock password 123456, I sent a technical support service scan their passports – and voila – angry kulhatsker went on addition to the above, the people have a pretty decent (for beginners) services: informer weather, polls, and unlimited faylohranilische. s well.

Creating A Site Quickly

Do you think that creating a website for 5 mine free unreal? I answer you – this is really, in that you can soon make! and generally have a very good phrase – 'no nothing, it might be a desire and a little patience. rk Rimer Crow Holdings. " Create your own own website in 5 minutes for free can anyone who is even slightly familiar with the computer, and it does not matter who you are – a normal student or retiree, and there are no secrets, all elementary easy, you just need to follow the instructions. We will create a website for free online editor (or also known as designer of the site) service – is the brainchild of the most popular search engine Yandex. And, unlike many other systems, free hosting, it's easy to impossible, and does not require you absolutely no special knowledge. Robotics may find this interesting as well. gives you many opportunities: to create a site of prefabricated units. Have unlimited size site.

Free support for additional domains Unlimited space for your files. Files are stored for at least 3 months. The storage time can be renewed any number of times or it will be renewed automatically unless the file download. Now we create a website for 5 minutes using a special pre-arrangements, we can if it is necessary to provide the site all sorts of useful support services such as guest books, chat, forum, search, surveys, counters and visitor statistics. Generally, all in one bottle, and absolutely free.

Connect WiFi Router

How to connect Wi-Fi router, for example, the DIR 300NRU. Why d-link dir 300NRU? Because it is a good budget model in terms of price and quality. That works for me more than one month, believe me, I squeeze out all the electronics I would describe 200% specifically in my case. Before me stood the task is to provide access to the Internet and local network, two laptops, PDA, computer, server. network started with his own hands. The first step is determined where it will be a router, I need a WI-FI at home and in the yard, so the site was chosen on the window sill at the window.

Now had all the wires to the router and compress them with connectors on both sides. After all the dirty work is done, you can configure. On computers and servers in the network by checking infusions to obtain IP automatically. Start-My Network Places, View network connections (left column) – Local Area Connection. Mouse click on the icon of two – properties – click on Internet Protocol TCP / IP and click the Properties button. That must be always be checked to obtain IP automatically.

Save and exit. Laptops are not required to set up, since they operate on Wi fi and all the settings come automatically. The communicator also in the settings do not need it. The server I was on an operating system WINDOWS XP so that the most nastraiyki tezhe and with computers. Now you can configure the router. Connect to the router patch cord (included with router). Configured using the disc, or manually (in the Internet Information heap). When it worked to ensure good security WI-FI. Jump to the Setup-Wireless Setup – Manual Wireless connection setup And Wireless Security Mode, select wpa/wpa2 Network Key set as can be harder to make it harder to find. For complete safety, I recommend to put the MAC address filtering and disable the automatic issuance of IP. I do not need it, but I still write and then how to do. How to connect Wi-Fi router, for example, the DIR 300NRU

Website Building Tips

Control can not be neglected. Corporate website – this is your permanent establishment in the Internet, to its stable operation of the site must follow, not to leave him to fend for themselves. Constantly analyze how visitors use the services of a site, how they use the services offered to them, what they write in the letters, feedback forms, guest books and forums. In other words, we must constantly keep an eye on the site, track number of visitors to it, as far as possible to maintain its activity, to analyze the traffic. Create a site – is important, but equally important to maintain the site in good shape.

You can not ignore the proofs. The site – a firm in the face Internet, the impression of the site can easily be extended to the entire company. Therefore it is necessary to check all the text on the site for professional competence. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights. You should also pay a professional proofreader texts for verification spelling and punctuation, or check the text in a text editor. If the texts of the site will be error, you can pass for a company with a paltry ignorant employees. We should not forget about testing the site in different browser immediately after creating the site. Particular attention should be paid to the latest version of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer, because they often use.

What looks good on your monitor may look horrible on the monitor user. This should be checked. Not recommended wider page 600, for horizontal scrolling is not very convenient. Starbucks is full of insight into the issues. Remember, the systems and monitors are different. Better make the most of a good quality image to those who have Who monitors can enjoy good juicy color palette. Do not let go of his visitor. When placing links partners and advertisers need to make sure that they open in a separate window. This will help the user to easily return to your site. Do not clutter up the site. The content of the site – it’s very, very important for the visitor. In the end they all come to the Internet for information. Go to content should be treated very seriously. You just need to give people easy to read and see things for what he had come. No need to shock, do not annoy too much illumination, moving text, animated elements, too bright colors. Not get hung up on yourself. Try to write as little as possible about yourself, use the pronoun “I”, “us”, instead use more design “you”, “you.” To praise themselves need only one page or section on the company. People were not very interested in your achievements, as such, they need to know how you can help them specifically. Do not use the free pictures to create a site. Spend a designer, not to lost in a faceless mass of the same design of the site. Do not abuse the innovations of Internet technology. Your visitors might not be some kind of plug-ins, the new browser version, etc. 9. You can not force the visitor wait. Try to keep the page of a site does not weigh more than 50 kb, and then site visitors with slow Internet will not wait for the page is loaded for a long time.

Export Information RSS

RSS – this is just the basis of this material was the article ‘Technology RSS Export Information RSS’ but some of this material appeared – not quite understandable, then, I will try to chew. The first step is to write a script RSS feeds: Create rss.php file and write it in our code: Basis is, the store, but do not close and resolve with which the table will work, say, a table called news and news. We are looking for in our code line: $ re = mysql_query (‘select * from news order by id desc limit 10’) We are interested in: select * from news order by id desc limit 10 select – as translated and running – you can list the table fields selected, and then you can specify * will select all the fields. from – works as well as translated from the table which will be chosen field, in our case as an example to the table ‘news’ order by – faces a value that will be sorting, in this case id news, and will be sorted from top to bottom, but that we do not need so we finish desc – this value will be sorted from bottom to top. limit – the name clear ‘limit’ – Limit the amount of information displayed, so as not to fill up all the materials of the signer – set limit for example 10. Done, now the bottom line analyze shablon.Ischem: # $ res field name in the table, which will be title echo ‘$ res title’; Here we have to slow down a bit, the fact that some news are sorted not in the way I guess – if the structure is watching the news the other – try to find themselves, in general, there should refer to the news. Although it is possible that all the new news you have on one village, and you could specify it as an example: $ link / index.php? Str = news or $ link / news.php $ link variable will contain your url so it does not change.

What Do I Need For DSL?

The basic prerequisite for a DSL Internet connection are a few things. These include the DSL hardware, a DSL connection with sufficient speed and the individual DSL contract. Anyone who appears to be cumbersome, can be reassured. Most providers offer the entire package in which all these elements are already integrated. Contact information is here: What you should know in the individual components show ‘the DSL connection, the variety of offers for DSL connections is large. Most of these connections are available in more and more access areas and require a T-Com port. There are, however, also offer alternatives from vendors that own a connection via its own network.

In such a total package not a T-Com connection required. To use DSL-rate DSL connection at all to be able to necessarily expect you need a DSL rate (contract). The question whether one takes one time, volume or Flat-rate unnecessary now, because the fixed costs are currently so low for a flat rate which does not usually use another profitable. The DSL Flat-rate is now an integral part of the overall package and allows the user an unlimited time surfing at an affordable price. In addition to Internet-Flatrate DSL phone, you can sign a deal, which allows you to conveniently make calls. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. With a flat rate telephone, you can usually even free calls within Germany or Europe around the clock.

DSL Hardware To be able to finally go online, you need one final ingredient: a DSL modem. This you can easily connect to a USB or network cable to your PC. With the networking of several computers should use a DSL router. This is useful if you want to build a home network. It preserves the boldness thus usually possible to set up a wireless point to go to the Internet wirelessly. In order to use the already mentioned high-speed telephony, we will continue to need a DSL-enabled phone hardware package. New customers should note that a package is worth buying almost always. These packages should be carefully To compare as all the providers offer very different prices and services. Nevertheless, one can save compared to the individual in the computer store money. The important thing to consider is how the current telephone and Internet behavior looks like.

Photoshop Brushes For Designers

Brushes Photoshop – this is a wonderful invention. Many beginners Photoshop believe that photoshop brushes – these are simple circles and ovals. With the rapid acquaintance with the program Adobe Photoshop it does seem so. When selecting options Photoshop brush variants of this instrument is not so much. Using hands when working in Photoshop – this is one of the most popular techniques used by professional artists, designers and master computer graphics. Photoshop Brushes allow you to expand and diversify opportunities remarkable program Adobe Photoshop. In fact, Photoshop brushes – this notion is much broader. Any image can be quite easy to do brush, whether it be car, pet, clouds, or a human figure.

Then, in the process you can select a brush and create a new image with one click of computer mouse. For example, you have an image of a butterfly. You stroke it in any selection tool (eg, the Lasso Tool) and make a brush. In order to set the selection as a brush, you need to select the top menu Edit – Define brush set (Edit – Define Brush Preset) and in the resulting window to write the name of the desired brush and click OK. Then, choose your brush and your cursor becomes a butterfly shape. You just have to select the desired color and click the mouse in the right place at the new image. New butterfly is ready! On the Internet you can find many collections that are excellent Photoshop brushes to suit every taste.

You can find a hand to almost any subject matter: technology, insects, hair, trees, buildings and many others. In addition, there are wonderful brushes fractals brushes stars, brush the clouds – all of it is simply impossible to enumerate. Thus, the brush can create beautiful images and save a lot of time. Otherwise, the creation of such images would escape a lot of time. I encourage you to learn Photoshop brushes that will take your creativity to a new level.