The Mobile Telecommunications

The cell phone or the mobile phone is the technology that has spread like no other in the shortest time on the globe. Where the phone took a century to find such a distribution to ourselves the Internet safe for another twenty years, but the phone needed since the introduction of the GSM standard, just ten years. During this time the phone almost made it into the jacket and pants pockets of half the human race. The explanation for this frantic speed is undoubtedly explained by a combination of the pure benefit aspects of mobile telephony and additionally by the benefit effect, which results from network effect. Each participant who logs in addition to the network using his mobile telephone and to plug the SIM card, which increases the total benefits for all involved in the network telephone customers. An additional statement, the financing strategies of mobile operators who offer the phone in the form of a mobile phone bundled with a cheap mobile phone contract.

By the UMTS standard, the above described effect on speed. Using this technology, users can in addition to mobile telephony and SMS service also mobile access to the Internet. If this happens, there is the way in terms of communication actually exempt from restrictions. Then, when the rates for data transfer and also includes the conventional voice further, then in the future, the SIM card in sparking dog collars and hidden body installed in cars, so that not only people communicate over the phone “will”. It must be securely clamped into which directions will develop the technologies that did not even twenty years ago, the mobile phone possible.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

To the extent that we address these two processes: * * Awareness and Emotional Freedom, is to the extent that we solve our life. Find out here how and why. Awareness: Have you ever wondered: Why am who I am?, Why I always get the same results?, Why there is a constant feeling of dissatisfaction in me?, Why I get sick?; All this and more is answered in Script called vital, which is how we have built our life from childhood to date. And it is precisely in childhood where it started all this and then I have been reinforced time and again repeating the same patterns the same mechanisms learned in childhood than as a response to my circumstances were not always the best. These mechanisms are unconscious ie I do not even notice them and that is why I am doomed to repeat them. (Source: Kai-Fu Lee). Emotional Freedom: The word emotion comes from Greco-Latin roots “and” move “they mean: “Reaching out”, ie, what really moves us is the emotions even as Daniel Goleman in his book “Emotional Intelligence” makes us aware that IQ is not as important in companies and universities, is the coefficient emotional as educators and employers now have realized how important it is as good human performance.

There are a range of emotions by psychologists call negative energy, which are those that do not help me to fulfill my need and therefore stop me in my growing its counterpart are the emotions of positive energy that if I help satisfy my needs and therefore contribute to my personal growth. But what to do with the emotions that stop me, I do not help my personal growth?. First we must know what those emotions get behind me, I stop, where they are and then learn to release them, otherwise your energy and makes me sick as important aspects of my life and my relationships, my job performance and as my health economic improperly. The Solution: Fortunately there are now master techniques to address these two aspects: self-awareness and emotional release, I have proven time and again the efficacy of two technologies: Gestalt Psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga, a combination of both is very powerful to release and heal our life sciences both lead us to address an intense process of self-awareness, as well as to detoxify the burden of harmful emotions. Gestalt Psychotherapy: Some of the most curative grown in Gestalt psychotherapy we are: The realization, living in the here and now, self-responsibility and inner freedom. Kundalini Yoga: This ancient technology grows in us: Consciousness, internal cleansing, mental focus, discipline, serenity, acceptance. With all this you may realize that these two disciplines are more than sufficient for the healing of our emotional and therefore our body and mind.

The Child Was Having Problems With Math

Mathematics usually present many difficulties for students of any level of education. However, the primary school children are living worse these difficulties because they realize in talking with peers, older siblings and parents that this is something that will be very important to throughout their schooling. At first, parents and teachers often attribute the problems with mathematics to the lack of personal effort of the child and do not consider that these problems go beyond the child’s academic motivation towards mathematics. Dyscalculia Dyscalculia is defined as the difficulties experienced by the child in the area calculation. There are two main types of dyscalculia – or dyscalculia Acalculia Primary is associated with a brain injury that causes a total inability to calculate. – Dyscalculia true or secondary: dyscalculic person indicates multiple symptoms associated with other alterations of a verbal, spatial, temporal, symbolic and cognitive.

The Dyscalculia the following features: – Alterations – Difficulties to perform certain arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, etc..) – Low capacity to reason – Difficulty with mental arithmetic – Difficulty in the management of numbers – Problems language associated with dyscalculia own (). Intervention in cases of dyscalculia Parents and teachers can do much to help their children and students to overcome a dyscalculia. The key is to have the support of a dedicated team of psychologists or school psychologists to guide the activities to be held in the problems expressed by each child. Both in the classroom and at home would be essential that the child exercises and games at four levels: spatial, temporal, symbolic and cognitive development. The spatial level intervention must be focused to work with numbers and sequence, exercises, drawing geometric and graphic delineation of columns. For improve temporal orientation should be leading efforts to work and the realization of problems of varying difficulty using supporting material such as coins, toy or comidita strips. On a symbolic level, we must work with games that involve discriminating between shapes, circle the correct answer, say which is heavier, and so on. Finally, cognitive level will be necessary to reinforce the concepts of conservation, and reversibility internalization in operations and mathematical problems.

New technologies can be key when parents and professionals (teachers, psychologists and psychologists) are trying to help a person presenting mathematical problems, often use materials such graphics usually standardized chart type, such as booklets blond or reinforcing materials prepared by different publishers, but these materials are usually rejected by the child harshly. Normally the child goes to a classroom support, to a cabinet or sitting with their parents every afternoon after school is tired of solving problems and making transactions in paper format. Given this situation would be very useful to use alternative forms of intervention such as motivating the child to recipes in which you have to split units or make changes or propose different interactive games educational websites. Do not forget that the children of the twenty-first century are digital natives and that the school still does not use technology in class as usual but as a reward or as a special situation. Therefore it is extremely important to provide the child activities using the preferred format for it: technology. It should be noted that in no case a computer game or a web page can replace an afternoon in the kitchen making muffins co mom or dad, or at least should not, but given the importance of repetition and daily practice to overcome learning problems, can be a creative solution, different and very effective for a small digital native is placed at classroom level.

Make Those Brown Eyes Blue

Are you one of those people born with brown hair and brown eyes, but have always wanted to have blue eyes and blond hair? Color contact lenses and a little hair dye can accomplish this quickly. Eyes that are brown have more melanin on the lighter colored iris, green or blue eyes. As we age our eyes change color a bit too. A colored contact lens can temporarily change their eye color and really become a fashion statement. Eyes that are brown or any color can be changed easily with current technology of a color contact lens. These contacts are safe and comfortable as any contact whatsoever. They can be used as contact lenses extended wear, disposable contact lenses or rigid disk. There are four different types of colored contacts and each offers a slightly different benefit. The first is just a visibility tint so if you drop a lens, you can find them easily. These lenses do not alter the color of the iris all.

The second dye is a dye for improvement. These lenses only change your eye color slightly, and enhance your natural eye color. The third is the real color tint and what usually happens to change those brown eyes blue or whatever you choose. There is a wide range of specialty colors on the market today. The room is a shade of light leakage. These lenses are designed for athletes or sports fans, color ball better or make the ball stand out more. When color contacts first came on the market, I think he looked a bit artificial. Only hard rigid lenses were available and it definitely could see the rim around the iris. Now they are doing to make it look more natural in the eye and is hard to know if the person is at all. Some would like to change the color of his eyes, but they have 20/20 vision. This particular type of contacts is called flat and still always be installed by a professional. If they are not provided by a doctor, infection and permanent eye damage can occur. Always consult your doctor if colored contacts could be good for you and your particular vision problems. Whether you’re a regular contact lens wearer, can be fun to change your eye color and for some blue eyes instead of their loved brown.