Allergies Bad Hindelang

European Foundation awards the ECARF quality seal in a nationwide model project in Berlin the resort for allergy research, 17.05.2011 bad hindelang Allgau municipality received the ECARF quality seal for allergy-friendly today by the non-profit European Foundation for allergy research foundation in a ceremony. The ceremony took place in the framework of the pilot project “Development of guidelines and certification allergy-friendly municipalities”, funded by the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection. Dr. Gerd Muller, Parliamentary State Secretary at the German consumer Minister, paid tribute to the pilot projects as innovative and forward-looking. In bad hindelang, allergy sufferers find excellent conditions for a pleasant stay. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. “, said Prof.

Dr. med.” Torsten Zambi, head of the Foundation of ECARF. The networked offer of allergy-friendly services significantly increased the quality of life of people suffering from allergies, that make a holiday in bad hindelang. The air of the climatic health resort thanks to the altitude is also extremely pollen – and mold spores arm and free from dust mites.” “Over 70 bath Hindelanger companies under the motto we get with!” in this pilot project. Both hotels and guest houses as restaurants, bakeries, butcher’s shops, Cafes and supermarkets have implemented based on latest scientific evidence and defined measures by the Foundation in their operations in the past few months. In several training courses, an allergist team of ECARF staff of interested service providers informed with what often simple and not necessarily more expensive means they can create an allergy-friendly offer. Allergy-friendly accommodation offers, for example, smoke – free and pet-free rooms with anti-allergic flooring and mite-tight protective covers for mattresses and bedding.

Participating food service providers offer their guests food and menus without the most common allergy-causing foods such as nuts, eggs and Celery and call on demand in detail the ingredients used. Visitors recognize participating companies on the basis of the clearly visible ECARF quality seal. To determine the effects of the certification of both the municipality and the visitors and to motivate other resorts, also allergy-friendly focus, the model project is scientifically. In 2008 the town of Baabe on the Baltic Sea Island of Rugen, in a pilot project by the Foundation of ECARF was awarded already world’s first allergy-friendly place. Allergies are the most common chronic disease in Europe. On average, an allergy-free lives in almost every second family in Europe, however, 90% of all patients be treated adequately or not medically. Photos from the event can be found from about 14: 00 on the 17.05.2011 under fileadmin/pressecenter/tmpl/gallery2/main.php/v/allergikerfreundliche_kommunen/ the digital press kit for the event, see de/pressezentrum/digitale_pressemappe.html more information about bad hindelang, see below about Foundation the European Centre for Foundation allergy research foundation certified since 2006 due to scientific criteria of the quality products and services that significantly improve the quality of life of people suffering from allergies, with the ECARF seal of quality. In addition ECARF allergy research and initiatives to improve the medical treatment of allergic diseases at the European level targeted support.

The Human Dawn

Thus or in old Egypt, we could observe like certain figures of goddesses or Gods, were represented with a species of aureole in the part superior of the head, so serious the case of the Sekmek goddess. If you are not convinced, visit Sandra Akmansoy. This quality went maintaining with the passage of time, and in all the known cultures, we will be able to observe as this phenomenon is continued representing in the different engravings and paintings, where certain personages of religious and spiritual type, like Buddha, Mahoma, Moiss and mainly Jesus, to put an example, are represented with a flashing one I pull ahead of light, that surrounds the head to them. But, because it happens that phenomenon? , what is the dawn? The dawn always has been a controversy subject and debates, since the students of the subject have not gotten to never put themselves in agreement in its composition nor in the origin of its origin, which has motivated different opinions, although the existence of the phenomenon is generally accepted, which has been object of exhaustive studies on the part of the scientific community, in order to find the explanation to the visualization of a phenomenon that seemed reserved to individuals with the intuition capacity, or to religious personages in state of mystical critical moment. The power field of force of the human dawn, is produced by the different vibrations and frequencies, that emanated of our body, through the different power points or Chakras (in snscrito it means wheel, and its description would correspond with the emanations of energies, destined to control the volume and configuration that the system body-mind needs, being been this energy composed of a subtle matter, which becomes imperceptible to the not experienced human eye), it is pronounced by means of a range of luminance emanations of a frequency of ultraviolet phantom, reason why generally, no he is perceivable to the human vision, excepting those people who show to own certain faculty of intuition and that it would be possible to be related to a certain type of plasticity of individual sayings in the crystalline of the eye..

Vegetarians And Vegetarianism –

Meat, sausage and fish: for most people an integral part of the diet. There are only animals again and again I must listen to as a vegetarian in discussions, that meat and fish are something good. It taste yummy and finally it was but the most normal thing”from the world that animals are slaughtered. The objection will come by the interlocutors it only animals were very often”. Who wants to try vegetarian recipes, which has usually a reason for it.

Either he’s looking only for alternatives to having to eat meat and sausage every day. Or he fundamentally questioned the previous diet behavior and comes to the conclusion that he would eat nothing, what once lived. And if you now fully converted to vegetarianism or meat consumption would like to renounce just on certain days, all these are commendable decisions. Basically consider above all the current practice in mind, as this enormous demand for animal products will be covered. Meat is now cheap like never before, at least you so don’t forgo his steak and has yet to give anything away. Otherwise, it behaves also with other animal products, such as milk or eggs. Also here is the cheap price, usually in the foreground, but meaning the reverse for the livestock, mostly ignored. But considering the conditions in animal husbandry, or even in the slaughter, then you must ask is but seriously, whether the price will be the only criterion.

A schnitzel, packed in the refrigerated section, behind an ordeal of incredible proportions. The animals, grew up in a crowded, filthy and dark stable, are fattened at lightning speed, to as quickly as possible to gain the necessary weight for slaughter. Once this is achieved, a cattle truck reverses, which leaves the animals to slaughter. This certainly no tact and finesse is shown, rather the animals on board are driven and then crammed into the slaughterhouse. From then on is it then row to link to the killing machine, cutting and packaging. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. An approach which could not even bear the most people in pictures. At the end of the packing in the refrigerated section is and everything comes sets are just animals, as they are “.” (Larry Munzenmay)

Perfect Dentures

KpZ info day in Frankfurt: the carolinum opened his dental laboratories for patients Frankfurt. There are 851 steps until this denture is ready? “, were amazed the visitors of the second day of the info Board of Trustees perfect dentures (KpZ), which took place this year in the Centre of the dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery (carolinum) at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. There, dental technicians, dental professionals and students over the shoulders did look. Dental technology combines craftsmanship and high-tech. We want to show the visitors on site. Their interest me on our day of action therefore particularly pleased”, said the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, master dental technician Thomas Luttke. At Sandra Akmansoy you will find additional information. For two years the KpZ direct contact with the patient and provides comprehensive information days in major cities.

Just like last year in Cologne was again much to see and to hear, some models could take visitors directly into the hand. Worked exactly in dental technology. Quite a difference to Hair’s breadth can have painful consequences for patients”, said Dr. Karin Uphoff, Director of the press office, at the official opening. Perfect dentures is the Board of Trustees since 1989. (Source: Sandra Akmansoy). It is committed to the goal, informing the public first-hand about the possibilities and advantages of high-quality dentistry from Germany. If patients Council looking for contact us, we always realize how important this work is.

For tooth replacement decisions must be often under great time pressure. Terms created uncertainties and questions. Often, people with pre-existing conditions and allergies would like additional explanations of our experts. Implants are also”an important issue, explained the focus of the KpZ Uphoff. The info day was a good way of telephone hotlines, to speak directly to people.

Buy Samsung Galaxy

Galactic good (CHIP online), IPhone killer and Android-superstar (PC World) positive evaluates the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 in almost all tests. But it is not only the performance values, which especially make the Samsung Galaxy S i9000, but also as the operating system itself. If you are still undecided on which operating system you should put in your purchase, then you should read here how the different systems will develop. Which platform is right for me? Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian or Windows Mobile? 1 Android include the founders of the Android project the most important mobile phone manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. And then Google has taken over the company.

Due to this concentrated market power, this system will make nearly 50% of sales up to the year 2016 (source: ABI Research). The number of applications (apps) is huge, growing with each passing day, and the best part: you get many apps for free! 2. BlackBerry this operating system was originally designed to the decisive argument for purchase were initially professional users and the push email services. Today’s devices were adapted to the users wishes to smartphones and feature touch screen and an own AppsWorld shop. According to the above source the BlackBerry system 2016 will make 14% 3. iOS from Apple the Apple system has a share of 15% today and is expected to land at 19% in 2016.

The Smartphone with cult status! Super comfort, simple multi-touch operation and good ergonomics. 4. Symbian is the Symbian system introduced at the end of the 1990s, telephoning and communicating via SMS and email clearly in the foreground. Meanwhile, there are also thousands apps that use of smartphones play an ever increasing role. However the market study predicts this system but no bright future and will be judged by industry insiders rather pessimistic 5 Windows Mobile even though Windows all dominant operating system in the world is, Microsoft development in the Smartphone area unfortunately overslept. With the gap was closed the system Windows 7, which only last year on the Smartphones shipped since the end. Who places however emphasis on compatibility and functionality of the Office is correct in this system. The market share of Windows phone system is estimated for 2016 with only 7%. The Android by Google is clearly on the rise! Apple still leads in the number of available apps, but is again assumed the leadership in the course of this year of Android. Want to meet you even more reasons that speak for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy? Please read the short tests in my blog. By the way, Now there is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 direct from the manufacturer almost 50% discount.

Other Advertising Methods

To solve the problem of an effective advertising campaign there is an entire science base, developed by the terms and formulas. Setting the initial data, we can with some confidence to predict the success of a certain kind of advertising. But this theory. And there is still such a criterion, as practical experience. Hear from experts in the field like Sandra Akmansoy for a more varied view. And on this basis, many experts choose any other than the printing of leaflets. At first glance, this method does not high-tech, but also proved very effective in those who had correctly applied.

Briefly on the use of leaflets. This type of advertising involves target audience through distribution. As a way of promoting used aircraft, spreading over a populated area flyers. And for advertising purposes subject to more democratic methods. For example, handing out flyers in places that are frequently used, are placed on special for This meant the stands are laid out under the "wipers" on the windshields of cars, offering visitors of the exhibitions by resorting to the promoters. So what is a flyer? The question, of course, rhetorical.

After each is aware of the leaflet, as we are almost daily extract them from their mailboxes. But consider how the product leaflet printing. Leaf printing – this application in hard copy on a single sheet, which can be of different formats that do not have strict limitations. Typically, use the following format. The smallest size is of the format of a credit card. This leaflet is rarely used because of small size. Most Active formats are derived by dividing a standard sheet of 20×30 cm This format A6 (10×15 cm) and A5 (15×20 cm). If the sheet products more than a standard sheet, it's a poster. Statistics advertising effectiveness using the leaflets says that this method provides relatively high-impact advertising. Contact with the audience is reached through direct marketing at minimal cost, so this type of advertising is a very common method of informing the target audience. So, where do you start? The first thing to do is determine the purpose of the advertisement. Based on this, consider the main points of future advertising campaigns. This edition (the number) of leaflets format (Size), the method of replication (forthcoming). Combining these criteria, you need to get the best price range for the project. Then it is necessary to determine the information content of the leaflets and its design, which should reflect corporate identity, if any. The final stage will be the choice of the method of distribution of printed materials. Promote your products and services through leaflets. I wish you success and prosperity!

Valid Technologies

It is true that we currently have at our disposal many valid technologies, PHP, ASP, AJAX, JSP, etc.. But the truth is that the user when a form is shown, the last thing you want to see is how they appear in that form fields as you fill data (this is not what I say, is what everyone says I have consulted the .) Nor like too see that things move to site or account, picadors occupying bandwidth. – “Make your site beautiful and colorful” –

FALSE: Many say that the best is a site that calls attention to an attractive design, including the curious thing about your layout, but in the end user happens that you want to find easy information, that this appears very prominent truly important, and the rest of the data if you want and read it if you want. The option you choose is all “no goals for the eyes I do not want to see what, if I’m going to an art museum.” – “Create a list of keywords as long as possible” – FALSE: this makes the whole world, you really think that among the millions of pages that are already going to highlight just a list of keywords. It’s good to have keywords that identify the contents of your site, but not a great list to confuse search engines. Only needed. To give suggestions to anyone who wants to make a site and is already thinking about these questions: 1. Ergonomics navigation.

Self-employed In Spain As A Master License Partner In The Real Estate Industry

Porta Mondial offers master license for Andalusia and Valencia with their well-known brands of real estate on Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife and Costa Brava the Porta Mondial AG franchise providers for holiday homes in Spain is one of the major German real estate. In the course of further expansion along the Spanish Mediterranean coast, Porta Mondial offers a tailor-made offer their future master licensee for the provinces of Andalusia and Murcia/Valencia. With the well-known real estate brand,, and real estate has successfully established franchise system of Porta Mondial AG ( is on the market for holiday homes. For further expansion along the Mediterranean coast, Porta Mondial searches currently committed entrepreneurs as the master licensee for Porta Andalucia and Porta Valencia. The success story began in Majorca that concept has been 2005 by Joachim Semrau‘s well-known franchise entrepreneur (founder of the franchise travel agency chain air exchange and the AG, today Director of Porta Mondial AG) developed on Mallorca and has since then successfully proved: that enumerates the Porta Mondial master license partner Mallorca is one of the leaders of the island real estate.

Ralf Spielvogel, head of international license development of Porta Mondial AG, explains the benefits of a master license partnership: independent regional brands with their own website are developed for selected international resorts, carried out on-site by a master license partners. About the granting of individual licences the master licensee of all Commission revenues participates from its territory.” This combination enormous synergy effects for the entire system arise from regional expertise and centralized control according to Ralf Spielvogel especially in the areas of customer and object management. Thanks to central services offered by the master licensee the single license partners 100% can concentrate on the acquisition and the sale of exclusive real estate, what significantly raising the success rate and a win-win situation for master licensee and licensee. Porta Mondial ensures demand from the Internet for the visitors on the sites of real estate provides first and foremost Porta Mondial. Hear from experts in the field like Sandra Akmansoy for a more varied view. Ralf Spielvogel explained the strategy: we develop Web sites centrally and optimize, individually each individual regional real estate website in. Ensures us good rankings in the search engines, which in turn leads to a high demand from our partners.” Also, the Porta Mondial AG their (master) license partner offers many more services and services: in addition to a multilingual business facilities and customized real estate software with customer relationship management (CRM) efficient marketing tools, as well as an interactive online books support the (master) license partner in his daily work.

The own Immobilienshop as a basis of regional branding optical highlight and central focus of each license area is the new, by renowned architect, brand developed specifically for Porta Mondial Real estate shop system, which premiered in September in Dusseldorf ( The first international shop in new design opens early 2011 on Tenerife. So that future licensees can live the concept of success, each master licensee operates an own Immobilienshop in his region. In the case of Porta Andalucia and Porta Valencia Ralf Spielvogel points to another feature: portaandalucia.comund located on the future master licensees each a constantly growing portfolio of regional partners. So even industry novices find their way quickly and can start from the first day”, forward the License Manager. Interested candidates sign up Ralf Spielvogel asking Porta Mondial AG:. Porta Mondial AG, Ulrike ash bucket

CiU Commission

As doping in sport, the political corruption has always existed. Now, more scientific analysis, in one case, and most competent judges, in another, allow your manifest hatching. Corruption is not an exclusive fruit of this country: you ask it, if not, Chirac or Berlusconi or French MPs, which is auto-amnistiaron by the face twice, or the British parliamentarians, pringados up for the price of a hamburger. Our particularity, say so, is here always has been well seen to deceive Hacienda, copy in an exam, receive gifts from customers or plugging in to sons and brothers-in-law. Why, everyone knew real estate corruption, without that will do nothing to prevent it. Josep Borrell tried it already in the distant 1991, when he was made Minister of public works: finish with envelopes under hand policy, he said. Years later, up to two subordinate his, Huguet and Aguiar, ended up caught by corrupt. Sometimes, the fraudulent schemes are difficult to detect, with double accounting, financial engineering, tax havens and other panoply.

Others, however, are so obvious that Maragall could say anything from 3 per cent carrying CiU Commission. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may not feel the same. But all fell silent as dead. As more qualified, tax police have more experts and judges better prepared on financial issues, we see few municipalities free of sin, few Parties innocent as maidens and few businessmen who have not bribed in order to compete. At least, and that is the advantage of democracy, all these things almost always end up knowing, albeit only until the next time.

Atelier Chic Presents Dreams Of Glass

Unique glass collection of the artist Ivko exclusive Atelier chic Yes, you can with the ancient arts and crafts new dimensions create. Atelier chic, which is known for the direct cooperation with European artists, brings a new collection from the world of living. Novel dealing with the glass finish. Exclusively for Atelier chic the artist Ivko transformed the Crystal glass of premium traditional crafted quality in magical feats. Ivko is one of the best glass artists in Europe. Their works are exhibited in many museums and have won many awards. The artist Ivko is born in a traditional family of glassmakers in 1968, she studied glass finishing, specialising in glass grinding and founded an own glass Manufactory in 1990. Seen Ivkos unique manuscript in the careful use of old techniques of engraving and sand mattierens, which combines them with a new design.

Each unique piece is made with precision and attention to detail by the artist himself by hand. The artistic quality and value is highlighted by a signature. Atelier chic offers a wide range of these glass unique in different glass decors. The elegant decor of flower became a modern classic in the shortest time. The special – each glass has a different design, but all pieces go together perfectly. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has firm opinions on the matter.

An exceptional composition is created where each unique tells his own history in the most beautiful expression. This clever concept is very popular especially for wine lovers. The glasses are available in partner sets in gift packaging made from natural materials in the well-known Atelier-chic design. The artist Ivko is represented in Germany by Atelier chic exclusively. Glasses in all sizes, varieties and forms, but also crockery sets, vases, Carafes and more can acquire customers in selected shops in Frankfurt am Main, or in the new online shop DWanda from a value of 19 per piece.