Using Your Head To Victory

Better Betreut is winner of the founder competition head hits capital 2011 Berlin, 01.11.2011 – at this year’s competition of the founder head beats capital”of the Foundation of entrepreneurship is the social innovative and original business concept of better Betreut against more than 90 nominees. The award ceremony was part of the entrepreneurship summit 2011, and took place on October 29, 2011 in Berlin’s Henry Ford Bau. The competition is one of the largest German Foundation competitions and was held exclusively in the Web 2.0. Concepts were assessed by Internet users. Thus, the audience gave more than 130,000 participants in 92 nominated concepts.

In total, over 40,000 votes were fired. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Asaro here. Could convince better supervised especially with the innovative business idea which Europe was successfully with much head and little capital. Previously, it was believed that you need much capital to start a business. Today it is possible to set up successfully with well thought-out concepts and little capital”, commented Gunter Faltin, Professor of entrepreneurship at the free University of Berlin, to the idea of competition. Capital is no longer the bottleneck. Head hits capital.”innovative ideas are just ‘ value ‘, if accepted and consumed by the customer.

The audience award proves that our solutions to the needs of families and companies are designed to”, Steffen Zoller, Managing Director of better supervised GmbH, about winning the contest forward. The award motivates us even more, our products among to pursue as our global platform – and to improve. We follow the idea: ‘ international services made in Germany'”.” For the better Betreut, this already is the third award this year. “” The Berlin-based company counts since may, 2011 as a red herring TOP 100 Europe “and was in the August company of the year award” awarded at the international business awards (Stevie). The better Betreut offers better Betreut TuV tested solutions for the reconciliation of family and career. In 15 European countries, families will find the appropriate support in the categories of child and animal care, as well as household and garden. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the topic of care. International companies and scientific institutions take advantage of the companies service of the better Betreut. Supports better serves hundreds of thousands of workers in Germany. The offer could be expanded with the brand Aupairnet24. Users have now worldwide access to the benefits of better care. BESSER Betreut was awarded several times internationally for its successful concept. More info can be found on and press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-917 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

About Fiorano Fiorano

About SYS-CON Media SYS-CON Media has three successive years in Inc 500 appeared? as the private publishing company with the fastest growth in America; being the leading publisher of magazines in the world that exclusively serves the markets of i-techology. The titles of well known and respected SYS-CON magazines include: Java Developer s Journal, SOA World, .NET Developer s Journal, Web Services Journal, Wireless Business & Technology, XML-Journal, WebSphere Journal, ColdFusion Developer s Journal, PowerBuilder Developer s Journal, Linux Business Week, LinuxWorld Magazine, MX Developer’s Journal and Information Storage & Security Journal. Each month SYS-CON Media reaches more than half a million i-technology professionals through its specialist publications, magazines, books, conferences, education programs, and SYS-CON interactive portal. About Fiorano Fiorano software virtualizes distributed services to unravel the value in custom legacy applications and package through agents of peer to peer of great performance and real-time with application-aware components (compatible with application components). Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. Global leaders including ABN AMRO, CME Group, DHL Worldwide, NASA, POSCO Steel, Qwest Communications, Rabobank, Schlumberger, The Sports Authority, Thomas Weisel Partners, Vodafone, and the United States Coast Guard have developed Fiorano SOA Platform (platform SOA Fiorano) to drive innovation through open flow of data (from message) message-driven architectures, standards-based (based on standards) built in a matter of days and that renting a productivity without precedent.

Fiorano ESB and Fiorano MQ provide network backbone (asynchronous and synchronous) higher production messaging in real time, fastest and lowest latency of the industry to enhance collaborative workflow applications, high performance and high availability whose services are distributed across the entire it landscape. Fiorano complements virtualization technologies of server and storage, virtualizing the application services through agents distributed peer to peer deployed with visual composition schemes that save the lagoon of capacity between business models and deployment model is ready for operation implementation. For more information, go to..


For WM-units have traditionally been considered the defining corporate functions (e-mail, edit office documents, Web-browsing, etc.), though nothing prevents you from using them quite serious opportunities for entertainment (watching videos, games). Manufacturers typically rely on an extended model of user interaction by setting such a great communicator screens (2.8 "and above) and the QWERTY-keyboard whereas in this category to meet the usual number pad for dialing difficult. On the performance of these devices (size, weight, autonomy) influence on the one hand, the desire to equip them maximum, and with another – the need for a powerful enough processor to cope with resource-intensive operating system. Note that the already announced an enhanced version of Windows Mobile 6.5, has a number of interesting innovations, which intended to provide a competitive advantage in the fight against rookie Android from Google. But some devices described above: ASUS P535 This piece differs decent functionality (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wi-Fi, GPS, camera 2 megapixel with autofocus) and good performance (520 MHz XScale processor, 256MB Flash ROM). Integrated GPS-SiRF Star III chip provides excellent sensitivity – an important quality in an urban navigation. In addition, the ASUS P535 are cheaper competitors that gives us the right to recommend it As a best buy. ASUS P565 communicator with a record performance in its class able to cope well with a wide range of tasks from viewing high-definition video and ending with holding intensive calculations.

In addition, he has the support networks of 3G, GPS and a full set of wireless interfaces for data transfer. HTC Touch Select this compact and stylish model will be able to almost completely rid you of need to use the stylus to control the mobile terminal. The implementation of this approach is worthy of respect and the best recommendation for demanding users to ergonomics. And for fans note the presence of beauty in selling as much as three colors: black, green and white.

Adobe Photoshop

Every photographer wants to get hold of the Best photo editing tools to make those long hours in the editing room a simple and enjoyable process. Photography itself is an exquisite profession that allows you to showcase your skills as well as artistic creativity. However, the process of editing is extremely complex and time consuming where you have to spend hours consumed in repetitive tasks. The new and improved Light room Keyboard has been designed to help you out through those grueling edit sessions and make sure that you can accomplish a lot within a short amount of time. One of the biggest problems of any Online photo editing job is the variety of functions that need to be performed on a single image in order to give it the desired polish and clarity.

Each minor adjustment matters a lot and you need to make sure that everything comes together in order. All of these procedures would require multiple keystrokes every time, slowing your pace down remove a bit. However, if you use Adobe Light room or any other premium image editing software, you can use the advanced RPG Keys workflow plug in (keyboard + software) and make sure that you save a lot of time and effort on all of your editing projects. If you are just starting out on the entire photography and editing curve, you should definitely Buy adobe Photoshop to make sure that you have a strong resource by your side. It is one of the most universally used commercial image editing applications that is available.

The workflow plug ins allow you to map all of the native application into specific keys of your choice within the workflow keyboard shortcuts. Thus, you can just press a single key to open up a complex function within the menu. Even if you want to make an Adobe Photoshop upgrade, you can rest assure that the plugin would still be compatible. However, there is a lot more to this workflow plug in which is considered to be the Best photo editing program among lots of photography experts. The simple version of the tool would let you choose native application shortcuts but it is the advanced version that has been designed to give you complete control and authority over your images. If you are working with Adobe Photoshop online, you can map over 150 customized user defined functions and menus all through the specially created keyboard. Due to the high demands of its Photo editing service, this tool also comes in a packaged wireless keyboard version so you can carry it around with you during your travels all over the world. The little amount of time that you save for each edit can all add up to give you a substantial break from the standard editing room hassles. All you need are the Best photo editing tools like this plug in to bring back the passion and creativity to your photographs.

Skylink Modems

We offer telephones and modems Skylink for Moscow and Moscow region. until May 31, Bonus of up to 2500 rubles – you buy a modem from a list of Skylink – Airplus MCD-650, Axesstel MV110, AnyDATA ADU-300A, AnyDATA ADU-310A, AnyDATA ADU-500A, AnyDATA ADU-510A, AnyDATA ADU-520A, AnyDATA ape -540A, Huawei EC500, Ubiquam UM-300, Ubiquam UM-400, zte MG478, zte AC5710, CMOTech CNM-650, CMOTech CNM-680. At the conclusion of the contract Skylink Bonus credited to the account. More by phone 8 (499) 502-00-00 offer a range of modems from Skylink leaders – AnyDATA, Cmotech, Huawei, Ubiquam and zte Our experts will help select the right modem Skylink and economical plan. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. In case of need perform the installation and configuration of Supplies. There is a directional antenna Skylink to increase Internet speed. Installation of telephones. We offer a complete set – 'Bezimitny city' Includes – Wireless landline phone Skylink Ubiquam UF-300 and the tariff plan 'Unlimited city'. According to this tariff is available * Direct Moscow number in the code 495; * Unlimited calls to fixed telephones * 345 rubles a month (including VAT) * 1.5 rubles per minute for all mobile If you order bonus – fee for 1 month as a gift.

Lady Gaga Heartbeats

Lady gaga heartbeats s Huge advantageous Thirteen, 2012 Defeats By using Dre On your own High definition sports is without original question and type format solution. This approach Dr. Dre Headset specific builds through previous Rhythm Lone with the help of solely fresh new Jul 10, This year Music Via Dre Single is definitely wellloved simply by custmoers close country. Doing this Rhythm Due to Dre designs within the earliest Hip hop beats On your own if you only just get clean Music only High Definition Onear Headsets Alongside Wireless. Lady gaga heartbeatsBluetooth On Sale, Scorching hot Tracks On your own Includes Onear Earbuds Featuring Wireless Bluetooth There is five different number of Music due to Medical professional. Kai-Fu Lee addresses the importance of the matter here. Dre cabled earbuds in our own friends and family we have appreciation outside needed to look at the very handheld choice. A new Very white Tracks simply Dre. Affirmative, there is certainly Surpasses cellular cell through process of Physician.

Dre earbuds. They tend to be termed Tracks by way of Medical doctor. .Dre Wi-fi compatability headsets. Relating to supplied to keyword rich link inside the Music beats courtesy of Dr… Dre This Defeats While Generate Dre headsets havent indeed be approximately for very long but also, in view that our new examination simply explains, her an enormous competitor in the world of listen botellas. Defeats Wireless network Beast Heart Just beats by Dre Wireless Bluetooth drives a bit more benefit to aid you. It is play tremendous audio tracks on 11 k when you wear the exact def.

Lady gaga heartbeatseats cell phone The best List Rhianna Headsets through process of producing. Dre Ecommerce site, Biggest score Studio room Trumps with Create. Dre Earbuds Shop, 110 Machine Heartbeats Great new Surpasses by Physician. Dre Wireless Wireless OvertheEar Headphones WhiteBeats by means of Dre Wireless Vivid white Headsets Total flexibility of wires.Music by just Dre Bluetooth.

What Is A Digital Camera

A digital camera is a camera that, instead of recording images on photosensitive film as analogue cameras, captures images using an electronic sensor and stores them in a memory in digital media. In this way, the digital camera allows access to images recorded instantly, avoiding processing in laboratory of analog photography. Types there are different types of digital camera: Compact/Ultracompactas: they are small, comfortable to carry, simple, little configurable and offer limited benefits. The lens is not interchangeable but they have enough resolution and zoom to obtain acceptable images. Bridge: they are among the compact and SLR in size, price, functionality and quality. They are not interchangeable lens, zoom, screen LCD with live-preview and advanced features. Reflex DSLR: digital version of analog SLR SLR with a sensor which replaces the film. This type of digital camera has optical interchangeable viewfinder with mirror and pentaprism, LCD screen, high quality sensors and controls, automatic and manual, but are more heavy, awkward to transport and expensive than the Compact.

There are two form factors for sensor, 3: 2 (such as 35 mm, conventional DSLR negative) and 4: 3 (4/3 SLR, Four Thirds and four thirds). Micro 4/3 (Micro FourThirds, Micro four thirds) or EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens): is a standard for digital camera sensor shared with Micro Four Thirds camera, but without mirror viewfinder. They are halfway between the compact and SLR, for its size and weight have the portability of the compact, but by its interchangeable optics provide a quality similar to the reflex. Integrated digital camera: is common to find cameras integrated in electronic devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs or tablet PCs. Although its benefits were scarce at the beginning, their quality improves quickly by great demand, having become one of the main sale arguments.

Features see the main features of a digital camera: resolution: the resolution of a digital camera is given by the sensor and is expressed in pixels, for example an image of 1024 960 Mp. connectivity will have 1.228.800 pixels, approximately 1.3: most can be connected to the computer via USB or FireWire, or via wireless network Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Many cameras support protocols that enable to send images directly to the printer without the intervention of the PC. Storage: Although many cameras have internal memory, usually use external memory to save pictures, common formats (CompactFlash, SD, Memory Stick) memory cards. Formats: the photos can be stored in compressed formats lossy (JPEG) or lossless (TIFF, RAW). Generally incorporate metadata Exif or similar. Video: typically a digital camera can also record video and audio, in formats AVI, DV, MPEG, MOV or WMV. Battery: a digital camera has a high energy consumption, so it is very important the autonomy of the battery or the availability of spare batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Code Control

The barcode reader is one of the most recommended items for the good operation of the sales, better known as POS terminals. Next the miniprinter or the label printer, drawer of money and the keyboard, forms a computer that will perform a quick sale capable of allowing total control of inventory. Similarly, the practicality of these teams makes them a great help in the management and control of inventory, if it is also used in the store, because it is possible that the existence of products are recorded accurately. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. There are several types of readers, among which we count the spot type, which is used to control access and identification of staff in restaurants, gyms and all those places in which the customer for the provision of a service; see involved Card readers are efficient at the time of allow access to employees or partners of establishments with credentials and the management of credit or debit cards; We also find the readers omnidirecccionales whose particularity lies in that you emit laser beams that are adaptable to the reading of the bar code, this situation implies a tolerance to codes that manifest errors in its printing, so are highly recommended for the TPV of high demand such as pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores, or distributors of material distribution and sale on large volume; and finally we find Cordless readers that provide speed without losing quality in their performance, situation that offers freedom of movement in the reading with a wide transmission range. Wireless readers are recommended for businesses where a traffic fluid goods, given the adaptability requires the TPV is handled. The barcode reader is one of the most useful tools to expedite a sale at various terminals of point of sale, thanks to its diversity, adaptability and performance of capture; In addition, offers the benefit of inventory control, in such a way that, at the time that speeds up the TPV is a good support with regard to the management of the business..

DECT Repeater

Increased operating range for your wireless phone with a DECT Repeater cordless phones have a factory a limited range. Still inside the apartment or House, the connection quality at greater distances can be bad to the base. During a telephone conversation in the garden, basement, or attic reaches the connection range wireless connection often barriers. Modern Internet-routers/VoiP routers as DECT base is the scope technically performance limited. A DECT Repeater enables easy more coverage. Each function of the phone of handset is available in the enlarged connection pane of the base station.

The DECT Repeater and base unit entertained a wireless connection such as the DECT Repeater and the handset. The DECT Repeater is not noticeable in the connection to the base. The change of radio communication with the base to connect the Repeater occur automatically and without interruption of the call. The DECT Repeater can be placed freely within the connecting radius of base. There is always a problem-free connection with the Cable telephone. For the operation you need a free socket in the radio range of the DECT base.

The device can be hidden behind a Cabinet or other places. The connection to the base and the mobile phone is done via radio. Mounting holes for mounting on the wall are available at the housing. A detailed and effective instructions to log on to the DECT base should be included in the purchase. It is technically possible in the radio room of a base to sign up to six DECT Repeater. Thus, the connection space in any direction can be extended. Some devices combine others star in simple chained arrangement. The star is better suited for a high-performance base station. The range is always expanding. The number of possible concurrent connections do not. Suitability is supported for each GAP-capable cable telephone a DECT Repeater the world used generic access profile”(GAP) and is therefore qualified for base stations, phones and DECT Repeater of connections from different manufacturers. At the time of purchase must only make sure that your base you your phone according to the GAP standard connections builds. Your base station and your cable telephone manuals provide information. It may be necessary to turn off certain encodings. DECT Repeater does not extend the base. By using the spread produced devices with the ability to ensure high quality and many combinations standardized an abstraction of coordinated protocols. DECT Repeater may open vulnerabilities to unauthorized persons. Ensure that encryption remains consistent after the House network was installed. To a chain of certificates for each equipment is sufficient. To read DECT Repeater testing on the page Dietrich Beck