Civil Registry

Couples takes 10 years to divorce in Tamaulipas in the municipality of Altamira, Tamaulipas, married couples who decide to secede takes up to 10 years to process her divorce; the conducive situation that register cases of bigamy, assured the holder of Civil Registry, Maria de el Rosario Alva Rangel. According to the statistics of the unit, in the Township 90 percent of the divorces that are reported are people that they decided to separated 10 years ago, but there are cases of those who are no longer partner for 15 or 20 years. Further details can be found at Atlas Technical Consultants, an internet resource. Alva Rangel assured the situation leads people, even with knowledge of the facts, to introduce themselves to the Civil Registry and become remarried, which criminalizes such as bigamy, crime which is punishable by jail. For the judge, that people take so much time in divorcing is due to a lack of culture of lawfulness, which brings with it other problems such as the distribution of goods, when one of the spouses dies. Divorce in the municipality of Altamira had a slight increase during 2010, when there were 66 cases against the 61 recorded 2009.

On the other hand, the Director of the Civil Registry in Tamaulipas, Rosalinda band Gomez, reported that municipalities such as Reynosa, Tampico and Victoria reflect the higher rate of divorces with physical abuse as the primary causal. He noted that you due to the increase in the culture of complaint by assaults or physical mistreatment of the man against the woman, the figure for this 2010 tripped. He cited as an example the capital of Tamaulipas, who recorded two thousand over little more than 10 months 214 cases of divorce, which are mostly volunteers and at the request of the parties when there is aggression, which may be initiated by any of the parties. He added that last year alone volunteers divorces arrived a thousand 903, while necessary divorces were placed in two thousand 125, although so far this year are located in thousand 157 volunteers and a thousand required 257. Also, band Gomez clarified that divorces are divided in common agreement, necessary and administrative, the case marks which is generated by a ruling of the authority order and runs as. Source: mln source: press release sent by divorces espresso.

Internal Effect

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Intel Core

The current line of chips include microprocessors Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 models. These three new members of the Intel Core family were released in 2010, however not all predate them models will be discontinued. The line of Core 2 microprocessors will continue being manufactured by Intel. The brand of processors Core is generally considered as the highest quality chip produced by Intel, being much more powerful than processors such as the Pentium and the Celeron. Within this new line of processors i3 is generally regarded as that has a more basic level of performance, the i5 is regarded as a processor of rank medium and the i7 processor with high performance of the group. The new Intel Core chips present a variety of characteristics that place them somewhere higher than present processors so far in the market.

A large number of these chips will be produced with a 32-nanometer technology. A processor of this size has not been produced never before, fact which shows the Advanced technology in the development of these chips. In this way users can expect more small and fast processors since Intel Core processor line has been updated accordingly to take advantage of this progress. A feature that all chips Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 will have is an integrated DDR3 memory controller to achieve faster performance. All models Core also supported operating systems of 64 bit, which seems to be the direction in which the industry is moving. All models also include cache 256 KB L2 per core, but more importantly they will use cache L3 large instead of just using L2 as in models Core earlier.

The chip Intel Core i7 can have up to 12 MB of cache shared. The model of microprocessor Intel Core i3 will be among its most important features support for hyper threading and virtualization. Both features are impressive on a processor that is considered entry level. Many users today nowadays they are beginning to use their computers in ways that presented a greater demand for processing in the past, and this drastic development in basic level processors is an example of this. Many clients today use their computers to edit home movies, watch high-definition videos or create multimedia content gone from your home computer. Intel has recognized the need to maintain the industry aware of the change in the dynamics of the home computing and has delivered its users an impressive microprocessor capable of doing the job. The Intel Core i5 is a step beyond the i3 model and will provide a significant increase in speed during high demand for processing tasks. While the i3 processors are all based on dual-core, the i5 comes in configurations dual core and quad core also. Although processors i5 dual core and quad core in addition to its number of cores are slightly different, users if you will notice an increase in the processing power using a greater number of cores. Either dual or quad core, the i5 is the perfect processor for anyone who uses their computer for more than just check their e-mail and play Solitaire. The grandfather of all processors currently on the market, the Intel Core i7 features blazing speeds on home computers. If you are a serious player or does video editing on your computer, an i7 is highly recommended. Despite being more expensive than the i3 and the i5, i7 is incredibly fast and nobody with the budget must ignore it.

Make Those Brown Eyes Blue

Are you one of those people born with brown hair and brown eyes, but have always wanted to have blue eyes and blond hair? Color contact lenses and a little hair dye can accomplish this quickly. Eyes that are brown have more melanin on the lighter colored iris, green or blue eyes. As we age our eyes change color a bit too. A colored contact lens can temporarily change their eye color and really become a fashion statement. Eyes that are brown or any color can be changed easily with current technology of a color contact lens. These contacts are safe and comfortable as any contact whatsoever. They can be used as contact lenses extended wear, disposable contact lenses or rigid disk. There are four different types of colored contacts and each offers a slightly different benefit. The first is just a visibility tint so if you drop a lens, you can find them easily. These lenses do not alter the color of the iris all.

The second dye is a dye for improvement. These lenses only change your eye color slightly, and enhance your natural eye color. The third is the real color tint and what usually happens to change those brown eyes blue or whatever you choose. There is a wide range of specialty colors on the market today. The room is a shade of light leakage. These lenses are designed for athletes or sports fans, color ball better or make the ball stand out more. When color contacts first came on the market, I think he looked a bit artificial. Only hard rigid lenses were available and it definitely could see the rim around the iris. Now they are doing to make it look more natural in the eye and is hard to know if the person is at all. Some would like to change the color of his eyes, but they have 20/20 vision. This particular type of contacts is called flat and still always be installed by a professional. If they are not provided by a doctor, infection and permanent eye damage can occur. Always consult your doctor if colored contacts could be good for you and your particular vision problems. Whether you’re a regular contact lens wearer, can be fun to change your eye color and for some blue eyes instead of their loved brown.

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Anyone who has needed prescription bifocal glasses in recent years is hoping to be able to wear bifocal contact lenses. Bifocal contact lenses are now more than a wish for anyone who ever wanted to get rid of their bifocal glasses for comfort and appearance of the contacts. All Bifocal contact lenses are designed to provide corrected vision to people who have a condition known as presbyopia. Presbyopia is farsightedness resulting from a lower attention span caused by loss of elasticity of the lens with age and require people who have to wear bifocal contact lenses. People who need something like bifocal contact lenses often have to keep reading material and other reading material closer to the eye to distinguish the words. Almost all manufacturers of bifocal contact lenses available in the contact lens or soft or gas permeable contact lenses. The latest in contact lens technology Bifocal and development also allow users to choose contact lenses disposable contact lenses that can be replaced after short-term use. Some of the disposable contact lenses allow users to have new bifocal contact lenses for every day of the week.

Bifocal contact lenses are made similar to bifocal glasses were designed to offer the holders of two different views to look in a particular direction. Bifocal contact lenses have two different forces that the right vision and myopic vision. Every time a person becomes bifocal contact lenses, he or she may take some time to get used to how the mixture of two different potencies for the display of various distances, but the eye adapts quickly and any contrast or blurred areas will differ in no time. Bifocal contact lenses are offered in different designs including concentric, alternating and simultaneous vision style. Bifocal contact lenses are made concentric design with the center of the lens with the power of the distance and the outside of the lens has more power. Bifocal contact lenses that are made with alternating vision style are very similar to traditional bifocals are made with a line of separation between the two powers in the upper and the lower half of the lens. Bifocal contact lenses made with simultaneous vision style places the center of the lens over the cornea so that the two powers are divided over the pupil and the eye is trained to tell the difference between the powers to adapt to the correct view needed.