Ernest Hemingway

The Obama visit, genre great expectation and was world news in all media, but this repercutira to tourism in Granada, hotels in Granada, veran augmented its occupation. At the moment already nobody more talks about the Obama visit to Granada. I hope so, that many Americans come and from anywhere in the world, to help us overcome the Crisis. Likewise, of the hotel in Malaga, which I was pending in the news to find out that hotel had been and now I no longer remember, I suppose that if there will be Segudores the Obama, but it will be few, and that not repercutira significantly in tourism in Spain, as if Ernest Hemingway did. Notable already if the attraction of Granada is spectacular, with tourism regularly throughout the year, from the Alhambra of Granada, which already is the monument most visited of Spain. The Alhambra, so named because its reddish walls, located high in the al – Sabika Hill, in the left margin of the Darro River, East of the city, opposite the neighborhoods of the Albaicin and the Alcazaba.

Trade Management

As a result of implementation of the system on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8" organization was a tool for administrative and accounting in a single database, it was possible to automate the payroll-specific automotive business. Auto Service "Samurai" offers its customers a full range of body repair and tuning. The company sells auto parts and enamels for cars. Before the introduction of the entire record in company was conducted by hand, which was time consuming and often resulted in errors. The enterprise required an automated system to control the movement of spare parts, spare parts and accounting work for the client, payroll employees based pricing, according to private standard-setting clock, at the actual time of performance. In addition, you need a spare redundancy for a fixed term for the customer. To solve the problems companies have been chosen system "1C: Trade Management 8" and "BIT: Managing service station 8", since most products are inadequate. Company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) for automating auto service "Samurai" was invited on the recommendation.

The company has automated the following business objectives: Allowance of work performed (vehicle repair); Motion control and extinguishment of spare parts; Settlements with customers; Planning and monitoring work performance; Payroll performers for the work performed; Storage of reference standard hours of work performed; Surgical preparation "Work Order" from indication of the work and the necessary spare parts to carry them out; Storing the history of car repair; Analytical unit allows to get all the necessary information to managers and other employees service centers. During the week it was automated 3 workstations in the sales department and warehouse. The company's specialists have implemented and configured the BIT software and trained users. The results of automation: Up to 20% reduction in payroll period by executing the amount of work performed, taking into account pricing, the private standard-setting clock, on the actual time of execution of works; of automated management and accounting in a single database, allowing management to get all necessary information about the company; Automated control of spare parts logistics and movement in the process, which helped maintain optimum balance of each type of parts in stock; A discount system for calculating the allowance for work and parts, which helped increase the number of regular customers. Kozlov, Denis S., Director auto service "Samurai", says the results of automation: "We thank the experts of the company" 1C: Accounting and Trade "(BIT) for the implementation of professional work and implementation of solutions" 1C: Trade Management 8 " "ICE: Managing service station 8." We were able to efficiently control the movement of spare parts, stock status, and to avoid overstocking. As a result, we were able to accelerate the automation of payroll Performers on the amount of work performed, taking into account pricing on private standard-setting clock, on the actual time of execution of works, to receive an accounting and management reporting in a single database. "

Navigating your way after University

You are about to leave university – You are just setting in the labor market that you have a number of obstacles to overcome before getting the job they have dreamed. You can find the idea of an interview daunting. Want to make a good impression and succeed! Create a good impression in an interview is not rocket science. This article will help you face that all important interview with confidence. Remember that most interviewers have made their minds in the first two minutes. Arrive on time, look the part and it seems as if you really want to work. Think about jobs and the image you present. It’s your chance to impress no hits.

Be comfortable, but dress the part. Nails, hair must be clean and well presented, bright shoes, interviewers should be noted that instead of your jewelry, perfume / aftershave. Smile, you need to show that you are enthusiastic Think about how you feel, sitting in the seat, but no dispersion. Think what to do with your hands. Make eye contact, it is usual to make the person who asked the question to the individual main focus. Remember that the Navigation Pane to make everyone feel included. As for his hands, the floor or out the window is a real turn off when someone in the interview. Most interviews start with a question about you? “Tell us a little about yourself.” Prepare the answer so you can feel relaxed. Think of the highlights instead of a walk of 10 minutes.

Hosting Web

Web site for your company if this thinking in the development of a well presented, original, web site with current content, you’re in the right place. The sites we develop may include text, images and video, but each of them is notable for published and accurate information.We have a Control Panel for content management, where real time help you facilitate tasks them more complex and simple without having knowledge of design or programming and keep your site always updated. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. Web site type real estate these sites are ideal for real estate companies who want to show their properties and their customers over the internet.With a Control Panel very friendly where you can add and edit properties without relying on a designer. Stores virtual virtual stores 100% configurable and adaptable to any type of product that your company handles.Virtual stores that we develop have a Control Panel multi-user where adminstrar can be both the configuration and store real-time products and manage stock offerings, billing etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Douglas R. Oberhelman and gain more knowledge.. Virtual these magazines virtual catalogs can be used such as catalogs of products, books, magazines, newsletters, photo album, among many other applications according to your necidades.With a complete and user-friendly Control Panel where you can upgrade very easily and in a few minutes.