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But in 2008 the global financial crisis and, According to the author, the theme of the search patterns of human development relevant again. Application. The nature of the processes, their history dating and calculated values are given in the boundaries of the stages in the format below – name of the event; design phase boundary, the historical dating of events, the source of historical dating of events: – Education Metagalaxy; 19.4 billion years BC, about 17 million years BC, 2. – Education of the Earth, 6.5 billion years BC; about 4.5 billion years BC – In its present form, 2. – The appearance of blue-green photosynthetic algae, the formation of the biosphere, 2.2 billion years BC, and about 4 billion years BC, 1. – The emergence of multicellular organisms, 715 million years BC, about 570 20 million BC, 1. – The appearance of mammals 240 million years BC, 195 5 million years BC, 1.

– The appearance of primates, 80 million years BC, 66 3 million years BC, 3. – The emergence of the earliest anthropoid apes, 27 million years BC, and 25 2 million years BC, 1. – Separation of hominid and pongidnoy branches of primates, 9 million years BC, 6 … 10 million years BC, 1. – Start work, and 3 million years BC, 2.5 … 2.8 million years BC, 1.

– The appearance of a person, 1 million years BC, about 1 million years BC, 2. – The appearance of palaeoanthropes; 330 thousand years BC, 250 thousand years BC, 1. – Begin distribution neanthropic; 34 400 years BC, and about 38 thousand years BC, 1. – The destruction of Atlantis; 10 100 years BC, 8 … 10 thousand years BC, 1. – Slave Society, 2000 years BC, the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC, 3. – Begin unit of the feudal Society, 700 per year; 7th century, 3. – Start of the bourgeois order of society; 1600; late 16th century 3. – October Revolution in Russia in 1900, 1917, 3. – Has gone through a crisis, in 2000, no data. References: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Biology. Ch. Ed. MS Gilyarov. – 2nd ed. Sov. Encyclopedia, 1989. Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Ch. Ed. AM Prokhorov. – 3rd ed. Sov. Encyclopedia, 1970. Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary. Ch. Ed. AM Prokhorov. – 4th ed. Sov. Encyclopedia, 1989. A. Cain. 2009 Other works of this article can be viewed at: ankajnov.narod.ru. Address for communications:


You are tired of working for a stranger and you decide to start their own business. First of all you need to decide on the legal form of your enterprises': fe or llc. Financial statements based on company harder, but you are responsible only to the extent authorized capital, and pi is responsible to all of his possessions. Imagine that you decided to register a company. Consider the steps that you need to do for this: 1.Vybiraete brand name of the organization 2.Vybiraete activity by nace 3.Opredelyaete the founders and their equity stake in 4.Opredelyaete amount of share capital (at least 10000rub.). Of them at once to be only 5000r., the remaining amount, a year after opening. 5.Vybiraete General Director 6.Gotovite documents: passport director and founder, tin (or notarized copies), a document of title or long-term lease on the premises on which the registered legal address, a statement on Form N R11001, completed strictly in accordance with the law, the company charter, minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders 7.Vy make a state fee for registration of a bank (4000r.) 8.Sdaete documents to the tax authorities 9.Cherez 5 days take away documents from ifts 10.Poluchaete extracts statistical codes of the regional statistical authority 11.Izgotavlivaete print 12.Sostavlyaete list of participants of 13.Otkryvaete bank account and reports on its opening in your body ifts 14.Nachinaete accounting Congratulations, you have registered the company.


These 'events' turn releases hormones, causing pleasure, excitement and euphoria. Therefore, we conclude that a single motivational group buy a pullover made from the finest soft wool, Moet & Chandon champagne and a sports car with 600 horsepower. Different channels of influence directed at a 'consumer' – our pleasure. There are several species hedonic motivation: the pleasure of shopping, the fun of owning a rare thing the pleasure of touch with history, and others. Of course, these more rare manifestations of hedonism are considered by the motivational category. From a social motivation for things more complicated. Focused on her Consumers are paying more for the 'symbolic capacity' things and not for pleasure, which is its consumption. The main idea, which is obsessed with these people – a demonstration of status, success, belonging to a select caste, own uniqueness.

In this case, the actual social situation of these consumers are often very far from ideal. Of course, their way of life can not be called a parody of the elite: even well-off people often seek demonstrate their financial reach others. It is not a question of affluence, but a problem of culture and structure of human values, his character and social orientation. Confident and self-sufficient people increasingly shun demonstrative consumption, especially as they consider their own personal best indicator of success and status than physical attributes and symbols. In the course of the study was found resistant relationship propensity to consume and demonstrative of consumer resources. With increasing income character of a thing for consumers is markedly reduced.

Jigsaw Product

From that moment, and will truly creative work, which eventually may lead to the creation of this products and crafts art and bring joy to others. In this case, the author will consider my task accomplished. And that left the product that has been formulated with due aesthetic taste, fans should follow the established national artistic traditions. Beginners art sawing does not necessarily start from the complex is quite possible the most simple patterns. For example, traditionally, plywood should be the material from which it is expedient to start learning the craft. Therefore, at first only enough to learn what concerns the plywood. Here it is not a traditional material – plywood. Let's talk about all sorts of tablets that can be prepare for future use in a wide range, from planks of birch, oak, maple, etc., and ending with the logs from the felled trunks of dried or discarded fruit trees.

Further, self-made man can not engage in Cutting apartment, and the fresh air and natural light that is important, because vypilovochnye of time-consuming and require a constant voltage of view. Cutting a variation on Jigsaw Product design. 1. The modern amateur art critics and many professional artists to exhibit works of amateur conflicting relationships. So far in the literature do not defined this term – "amateur creativity". Along with it you can find many other definitions. It may be "amateur art," and "self-taught art," and "art primitives," and "art Weekend "and" creativity fans "and even" folk art ", etc.