Principle Four

This distribution of food during the day dictated common sense. Afternoon need energy – her body gets from carbohydrates, and night are basically all plastic processes that require protein as a building material. During the night produced somatotropin (ST). He splits the adipose tissue to fatty acids and glycerol, which circulates in the blood, it becomes an energy substrate for plastic processes. That is the night you lose weight, but provided that the synthesis of growth hormone is not blocked by alcohol, as well as carbohydrate and fatty foods for dinner.

Therefore, protein breakfast will soon fatigue and increased appetite and carbohydrate eaten for dinner, put off in the form of fat. Principle Four. Denial of hunger. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Between the three main meals make snacks. Fractional power ensures the stability of blood glucose, which is very important, both for normal metabolism, and for a good, vigorous being.

Furthermore, the lack of hunger can not overeat. Over half – two hours before dinner Eat unsweetened green apple cultivars. Between lunch and dinner and snacks, but no fruit. This may be a cucumber, carrot, tomato (any vegetable), small heaps of meat, fish, cheese, eggs, or dried savory (a), a slice of bread. The principle of the fifth. Official site: Energy Capital Partners. Portions should eat slowly and be reasonable. Moderation in eating dictated by the purpose – losing weight. When nizkoglikemicheskom carbohydrate breakfast and subject to the fractional power goes ravenous appetite, and control the amount eaten is becoming easier. Under deliberation is understood not slow motion forks, and a thorough chewing of food.