Accidental Game

DEVELOPMENT OF ACCIDENTAL GAME ON PLATFORM J2ME Edson Toshio N.T. Da Silva, Diogo of. the Alves, Osvaldo. of the Silveira and Rodrigo H. Yamashiro University Nine of July/Department of Computer science, So Paulo, Brazil email: Summary: With the increasing increase of the use of the cellular telephone, this mobile device started to be part of the daily one of billions of people around of the world. Due to evolution of the technology used in this type of device to be each bigger time, today, its use is not restricted only to the communication, but also to the entertainment, the marketing and even though for the payment of accounts. This article presents a study on the Java technology on platform J2ME, demonstrating as resulted the development of an accidental game for mobile devices, called DangerDove, functional and total portable, presenting excellent graphical interface, defying the players to exceed its records and promoting its diversion.

Words Keys: Java, J2ME, cellular telephony, accidental game, entertainment I. Introduction Due to the great growth of the market of electronic games, thus today its profits exceed of the bilionria cinematographic industry, many technologies has been developed in order to give more realistic to the characteristic games each time, increasing excessively the search of the players for electronic diversions as entertainment form. Of course, the use of these technologies demands the use of consoles and/or more sophisticated computers each time and with bigger resources when compared with older equipment, beyond the capital greater invested by the player and of its availability to be, at least, some hours if dedicating the determined game exclusively. In the contrahand of this reality, second (CERCHIARO and SAINTS 2006), the development of games for mobile platforms, more specifically the devices of cellular telephony, must find ways to adapt its projects to the technological limitations of these devices. Therefore, the characteristics of these games are much more simple in relation to the above-mentioned ones, but they guarantee the diversion and the distraction of its player, exactly that for a small interval of time and to accessible actual value.