Advertising Research

2,4 Behavior of the Consumer For Kotler and Keller (2006), four factors influence in the behavior of purchase of the consumer: social, cultural, personal and psychological factors. In the case of the infantile public, Solomon (2002) it says that good part of this influence in the behavior of purchase of the children if must to the exacerbada exposition to the media. For Solomon (2002), the purchases are motivated by the necessities and desires. The proportionate emotions and sensations for a product also can stimulate its consumption. Already for Wells5 the opinion of the children can be determinative in the purchase decision, mainly when its parents do not possess preference on one definitive mark or an opinion formed on a product.

5 WELLS. W.D. Communicating with children. Journal of Advertising Research, n 5, P. 2-14. 1965. Check with Robotics to learn more.

This important influence provided to the children the transformation of the consumption in a social act, whose thought of Boniface can be summarized in ‘ ‘ to grow is consumir’ ‘ , that is, ‘ ‘ the child-consumer became, today, a child acumuladora.’ ‘ Thus, on this subject, Karsaklian it tells despite ‘ ‘ the children if interest more for the diversion of what for produto’ ‘. The half of the children, according to author, gives attention to the history that involves the product instead of if concentrating in it. According to Blackwell, Miniard and Engel ‘ the children tend to have a great influence in the purchase decisions being involved products for its proper use, to the step that its influence more is limited in the products of high risk, more caros’ ‘.