Baqueira Beret

These past days snow shares high reaching a condition of tracks and giving rise to a few good tracks for cross-country skiing, have given so that the opening of the new season in the ski slopes of Baqueira Beret will be on November 27. These snowfalls have provided that it forward the Granvalira ski season, but only partially, this weekend in which facilities will open partially and many skiers may be approaching ski resort Grandvalira skiing and other activities, and also to learn about the new developments of the season. But above all we will be waiting for the Grand opening of the season of Baqueira Beret, even there are many apartments vielha and baqueira willing to stay. Apart from that, the official opening of all sections of the ski and Baqueira Beret station will occur Saturday 27 November, where many skiers will come to start the season in Baqueira Beret and also brand new new trace, one of the main innovations of the ski season, Jorge Jordana which is a disengageable 6-seater chairlift with capacity for many people, making it possible to transport more people willing to skiing in Baqueira Beret. Baqueira Beret Ski station has invested this year more than 11 million installations of its ski slopes in summer for its renovation of face to the season of winter according to official sources.

He is now preparing for the new season. The grooming machines have begun working to offer an optimal base for snow, snow that has occurred in recent days. The computer technician has checked each points of installations, reviewing and testing the network of canyons, also being now ready for proper operation.