Brazil Technology

The PLC does not exist more possibility of this market using to progress and to grow. Niches perhaps, in building, condominiums, but exactly in this called environment ' ' In-door' ' , the technology of ' ' wireless' ' it comes occupying its space with decreasing prices, accurately for the scale that is reaching. Exactly the Voip celebrity (telephony for IP) did not migraram the protocols, all in ' ' wireless' '. We do not need to approach aspects here technician, the technology today is not more barrier for nothing, the questions are purely commercial, of relation of the cost benefit that always is improved by the scale profit. In the age of the knowledge the scale with reduction of prices and investments in P& D is agent chief executives for the technological innovation. The PLC and the cellular one had started in the decade of 50, both had had niches, in determined moment for fast, bold and strategical action of the companies of telecommunications, a technology blows up, to another one is inert in the side time, walking and beating of front with the conservadorismo of a sector, that arrived to think that it could enter market of the telecommunications.

A little of ousadia is always ingredient for the innovation, is witnesses of what it happened in Brazil in the question of the PLC, after almost 10 years a technology is authorized for the institucional actors, but with high costs and diverse problems. The industry of the pilot goes to invoice, invoice always, but market exactly will not exist. Unhappyly.I can affirm with all the letters that we lose a possibility here in Minas Gerais, to make a revolution that if it initiated, but stopped in the conservadorismo of some people or the lack of ousadia of others. History still will go to testify this our vaticnio, can write down there. regulation came late, the market is only potential, but always they go to exist the latecomers running behind this mecado, them if they forget that the speed in the actions is part of the war and this was lost there. The innovation if of the one with visionary ousadia, actions and market.