But What Are The Waves Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a system of advertising, cell phones short-range communication (up to 100 meters) of free and is supported by most mobile slider phone phones in the market and are increasingly cellular phone plans being promoted through its most free. free phones Its range makes it very attractive to the so-called proximity marketing (or proximity marketing in English). Through these waves can send text files, images cell phones (photos, drawings), videos (TV ‘), sound files (songs, recitals,’), connect to handsfree devices, links accesses to with every plan web pages and Java programs that allow Motorola the Nokia installation of wireless phones games on mobile phones, interactive programs, ‘.
Until recently the main problem with the Bluetooth technology was the high battery consumption of mobile phone, but cellular phones now, thanks to new wireless providers versions of Bluetooth (which are mostly in the market is candy bar phone the 2.0 version, but are cellular coverage appearing and will appear soon Versions 2.5 all the plans include and Dual) consuming less and greater LG storage capacity of batteries of mobile phones.
Generally, mobile phones, for greater comfort Bluetooth mobile carry on, as cellular phones this allows greater convenience when connecting to devices such as hands free and when receiving mail via cellular providers the Bluetooth marketing.

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