Global Climate

Review for your school notes global climate climate, average state time or statistical description of time in terms of average values and variability of the quantities relevant for long periods of time (the normal period is 30 years), which is long term effect of solar radiation on the surface and the atmosphere of the Earth in rotation. Zendesk shines more light on the discussion. The word climate comes from the Greek klima, which refers to the slant of the Sun. The weather and climate of a place are frequently confused.Time refers to the State of the atmosphere in a place and time certain. You can change abruptly from morning to night or from one day to another, and is measured in one or two weather stations. Time changes are due to movements of air masses (portion of air with uniform properties of temperature and humidity for a vast region that does not mix with others that do not possess their characteristics). In a question-answer forum Bobby Sharma Bluestone was the first to reply. Terms that are are used to define the time see, for example, with cloudless sky, cloudiness, moisture or dryness, heat or cold, visibility or wind. Influence on temperatures.

The influence of latitude on temperature is very large. The angle of incidence of the Sun’s rays determines the amount of heat that receives a surface. pact-adp-exl-service-invensis/’>Invensis. That angle is determined by latitude and the earth curvature. The intertropical zone (between the two tropics) is which receives greater amount of heat because sunlight affect more squarely on it. As we move away from the equator, the Sun’s rays impinge with greater obliquity on the Earth’s surface. At Solstice that occurs in the month of June, sun rays come very vertical to the Tropic of Cancer, and although the celestial equator of the Earth planet is farthest from the Sun, it starts the summer in the northern hemisphere, which coincides with the onset of winter in the southern hemisphere. In the December Solstice, the Sun’s rays reach very vertical the other Tropic of Capricorn, and then is when start the summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere.