Basements or cellars there are in all the ancient constructions of Aranjuez, and popular legend makes communicating important buildings through a network of tunnels. Yet the passage of time has done is lose or cegaran the majority of underground habitats for different reasons: the deterioration, that impair their use, since the ground where sits Aranjuez is necessarily damp, water flows toward the River below the village and geologically field mound, which makes little practical these placementsexcept for the mushroom cultivation, I guess. On the other hand sometimes its existence has been simply forgotten – also per lack of use-especially when access is not within a House but, being communal, are located in a corner of a patio or difficult access corrala. Regarding the hypothetical tunnels, everyone speaks of them, adding that someone know them – never themselves-, have seen them and tour: would be underground passages that communicate buildings important, palaces, churches, parking spaces/garages for carriages, BBS, dependencies of the court houses,… for strategic reasons obliged to secrecy. Or by banal and scandalous, motives that forced to utmost secrecy yet.

Its existence is doubtful, at least in the magnitude that is to imagined, although the idea is very popular in the historiography local, because they explain to locals or organize stories gruesome or indecent referred to the nobility, royalty, the clerecia, the Court in general who always lived in the village, where they fit tales of love, war, infidelities, conspiracies, plots; activities which require the concealment, stories that in Aranjuez people are very amateur and – is non vero, ben trovato-, give clues about actual facts, sympathies and antipathies of the people. And Eugene has managed to excite me in some perverse way – I am afraid that not very scientific-, accepted the possibility that I raised, without discussing. At the expense of some pages of my novel. That pedania of Aranjuez, point that seems to indicate its mysterious track, is of relatively recent construction in any event, and very recent whereas purported indications of message that allegedly contains.