House Emergency Center

Now nationwide available! Free Info Hotline 0800-7677896! Security at your fingertips every day is the possibility of an emergency or request for assistance in the home. Then it’s up to targeted and quick introduction of emergency and relief efforts. This introduction to worry nationwide highly qualified staff in usage monitoring stations. These procedures when alarm is triggered after an emergency plan drawn up. They inform unerringly relatives, neighbours or rescuers, coordinating the rescue efforts, so that aid arrives quickly, if it is needed. ASD home emergency is a recognised and approved by the maintenance funds and guarantees fair and expert advice, as well as reliable installation of home emergency call devices. Performance overview simple actuation of the emergency call via a button on the emergency call unit or via portable wireless detector.

The PSAP reports about the device and can immediately see who has triggered the alarm. Relief efforts are initiated immediately. Are also without voice contact with the PSAP initiated also immediate relief efforts. The user of an ASD home emergency call system has 365 days in the year / 24 hours a day, button direct contact with a highly qualified emergency Manager in the House Emergency Center, which introduces help quickly and easily. The editing of the emergency call and the discharge of the relief efforts, is not connected to additional costs. These are already included with the monthly fee. The maintenance funds pay the full cost upon authorized request. The application is made during the device installation by ASD home emergency with the maintenance fund.