Individual Front

The globalizado and modern world where we live nothing more is that a sphere of lies. The technology took place of the ethics and the imposed moral in superficial way for the media. Marc Mathieu spoke with conviction. Schools that stimulate the fight for rights, awareness of vote and finally social mobilization would be forms to brighten up such reality. Children and adolescents are the future of a country, however young unprovided of information they are the key for a world as the current one: corrupt. The fight for rights is an unquestionable duty to any etria band, however for this able people they would have to just stimulate such youth to the conscientious vote in favor of a future.

In the dawn of 80 years the reality that if it saw was different of the current one, the individuals if imposed with idealistic and real manifestos. After all the society that the politics moves or the politics that moves the society? It is as if everything was stopped in the time and the question is without reply. However the efficient solution most sensible and that can exist is a social mobilization. United we stand, divided we fall, dictated forgotten decades, today more than in any another time it would have to be real. At last the generalized comodismo is infundvel that if I install as an immense virus has solution, contanto that the country wants, after all the society is eticamente comodista, therefore the individuals vem everything of intelligent crossed arms while ' ' parasitas' ' they get fat with the corruption and if they vangloriam with the indifference of the society.