rises to at least 180 percent of the output value of the preferred shares is this Exchange instead of automatically. Thus, the investor also the goodwill of CIG Wireless Inc. can participate. The shares can be sold freely after a holding period of twelve months on the market (expected to end 2013) of CIG Wireless Inc. shares you want to list in the future in New York and Frankfurt. The BAC retires group itself and the closed-end Fund be dissolved before the end of their term. CIG Wireless Inc.

to have future 74 radio towers that were built or acquired under the direction of the BAC and today are leased to one or more American mobile phone companies. About CIG Wireless Inc. will be transferred the rights to 1,200 radio tower projects, which can be developed depending on the demand and market development in the coming years. The looming increasingly shift from pure voice services data services in the mobile market, associated with a significant increase in the volumes of data, provides the infrastructure providers in the United States and worldwide considerable growth potential. Expect research market observers of the US industry service ABI, for example, a multiplication of smartphone sales of five million in 2010 to around 250 million units in 2016, connected with a significant increase of the amount of data. Against this background CIG Wireless Inc. plans to significantly expand its portfolio in the United States and in the medium term in the adjacent regions. After separation from the former U.S.

Management, the CIG business was rearranged by BAC founder Stefan Beiten using external experts since spring 2011. The sale to the ENEX group was initiated with the completion of this process. In this context a market value was calculated on the basis of an auction procedure in several bidding rounds, carried by BAC with a US Investment Bank’s support in the past few months, for the radio towers by CIG Wireless Inc. $ 35 million. Nearly a dozen bidders, including the largest US wireless tower operator, took part in the auctions. BAC has investors the InfrTrust fund number for shareholder meetings on 14 and November 15, 2011 are invited to inform about the next steps and to decide the exit via the capital market. For more information,