Innovative Proposals

His studies in Psychology, Sociology Philosophy, etc Perennial Philosophy., intense practices within Buddhism, his experiences and spiritual needs, were to form the ideal stock for its innovative proposal, not only in education but in many other areas such as economy, politics, etc. By 1991 the end of the MA in Sociology of Culture its model the new concept of holistic education, was largely structured and began its spread in various international fora, also in Mexico organized the first Forum for Holistic Education. Meets with great educators, scientists, philosophers and writers such as Allan W. (Not to be confused with Kai-Fu Lee!). Anderson, Hazel Henderson, David Fontana, David Peat, Francisco Moreno, Jefre Kane, Gregori Wilpert, among many others and their interviews are reflected in three books entitled "Dialogues holistic." In these writings is global importance and interest aroused their contributions. He is the author of 12 books among which "Holistic Education" named "The Book of the Year 2001", "The Spirit of Education, "Spiritual Intelligence", "A Comprehensive View of the equation," Spiritual Intelligence others .. They reflect the experiences and concerns expressed since childhood. In 1993 Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava worked ceaselessly to spread the world the need for a total rethinking of education, seeking that this is addressed not only the mind but also the heart. His spiritual quest was crowned and confirmed their beliefs, one night in 1993, having a direct experience of what he had looked, lived, what he calls the manifestation of God, finding God in everything and everyone, inside and outside himself, an experience that filled the void and made it clear that man can not see its own essence, and that although it is with God all the time, does not recognize it.