Innovative Technology

Laser trackers are used where there is a need for measuring and comparing with the CAD-model of massive and bulky objects in heavy machinery, aircraft – and shipbuilding. Most applications have a wide range of mobile measurement systems such as the "hand". Get more background information with materials from Peter Asaro. They are used in many industries where there is a need for rapid and comprehensive control of parts, accessories, blanks, get prototypes of future products. Consider the most advanced to date mobile CMM such as "hand Quantum FaroArm. The first thing that attracts attention in this system – a high ratio of accuracy to the size of working area: the frequency of point – to + / -16 microns! (For 6-axis arm with a working area of 1.8 m, for information, accuracy of hand depends linearly on its length: the longer the arm, the lower the accuracy.) The system has an active temperature compensation: a Each tribe is located in the hands of two temperature sensors, according to information from which the measured coordinates is amended to take into account the change in length of the knees, depending on temperature. Hand can operate from built-in battery and transfer data through the interface Bluetooth. No wires do not interfere with the work under their feet.

The system automatically turns off the critical components to reduce power consumption and extend service. Of particular note are probes. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Quantum FaroArm arm can be used with "smart" probes i-Probe, each of which contains a sensor and electronics stores the real value of the diameter of each specific probe with a up to the sixth decimal place. The second option – to use as standard measuring probe Renishaw TR20. Renishaw touch probe with a sensor is a compact touch probe with replaceable modules, allowing a wide range of stylus and extensions to provide access to elements of complex parts.

TR20 probe with sensor touch enables users to easily measure the hands of the objects made of soft and flexible materials. Patented 'bend' immediately reads the data, virtually eliminating deformation of the details that arise when using a solid-state probe. Quick replacement stylus without TR20 recalibration of the probe may save a considerable amount of time. Replacing the stylus takes seconds. Detachable modules TR20 probe protects the probe from side impact. TR20 provides excellent visibility around the tip of the stylus, facilitating the measurement of complex parts. The combination of the outstanding metrological characteristics of contact sensor provides a great way of measuring system. In addition, especially for FARO company Renishaw has developed a contact probes FARO SENSOR, overcoming limitations of conventional solid-state probes. FARO SENSOR – touch-sensitive solid probe, which embodies the latest technological manufacturing sensors touch. Innovative Technology FARO SENSOR guaranteed meter reading only when the tip of the probe concerns the details. This eliminates the need for culling erroneous data, collected at the time and lack of contact probe measured parts. FARO SENSOR significantly improves the accuracy and repeatability of measurements, minimizing the dependence of the result of the experience of the operator. FARO SENSOR probe can be used with different tips, which provide access to the complex and difficult items. On the arm can be attached to the scanner module 'Laser Line Probe', which turns it into a universal tool for the inspection of parts, prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D-modeling and comparison of point clouds with the CAD-model. The scanning speed – up to 19,200 points per second. The system is compatible with the software Geomagic, Polyworks, Rapidform, and many other third-party products. Experts Metrology Center 'Master Service'