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What is a WAP Internet? What is WAP? WAP is translated as "Wireless Access Protocol" (Wireless Access Protocol), which allows your mobile phone to connect to the Internet using a wireless connection. Take a laptop inconvenient, since it is necessary to find WiFi port before you can connect to the Internet. That's why a lot easier to connect to the World Wide Web using a mobile phone which is always at vas.Takim , the mobile phone is a pretty powerful tool to not only take pictures and listen to MP3 tunes, but also connect to the global source of information – the Internet. 1) History of: Precondition for the WAP protocol was the idea of companies Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson and to make a connection to the Internet via a mobile phone is very easy and affordable. This purpose, they carried out in 1997. To date, There are more than 350 companies that use the WAP protocol. 2) What features are enclosed in the mobile Internet WAP? At the moment there are about a billion Web sites, but only a small handful of their optimized the fact that they can be viewed from a mobile phone via WAP.

And this is not due to the fact that the content of such sites is far from ideal, just the number of these sites is very small. The vast majority of WAP sites is used only text as the content, so the graphic content found on these sites is nearly impossible. You will not find WAP counterparts YouTube, Google Video or something similar. The WAP sites in the main you will find news, weather reports, short stories, sports results, posters, etc. The most popular WAP sites take information from popular TV channels and Internet portals – USA Today, The weather Channel, Amazon, Yahoo. 3) Almost every mobile phone today can use WAP Internet you do not need to buy the most fancy cell phone, so you have the ability to connect to the Internet through WAP.Seychas this feature incorporated into almost every phone. Moreover, the phones built-in mini-browser (special programs such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera) with which you can surf the Internet, and search the information you need with your phone.