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current reviews and buying guide for stand mixers it is a fact that a stand mixer is much more user friendly to use as a handheld device. Stand mixer offer much more features, better performance, and optional accessories. With a mixer of this way, modern recipes like mixed drinks, smoothies, dips and soups are ready in a few seconds. Even of gourmet desserts and exotic cocktails succeed right away. In a stand mixer you can several servings with fresh and tasty ingredients. Find the right Blender Blender available in incredibly many designs and themes with different capacities, features and capabilities. So you lose the overview does not find the necessary information on these Web pages to make the right purchase decision.

Consider first, what you want to use the stand mixer. You have a large family, you need the unit more for social events? Or you want to bake your own bread? Then you need such a device with large capacity and a powerful engine. The correct capacity is especially important. Buy a large stand mixer, find it soon annoying to use the device for small amounts. The mixer is too small for your needs, you must share the recipes for cooking and separately make several servings. Also no fun. So does cheap not always inexpensive means, stand mixers ensure no prejudice. Nevertheless, good and long-lasting machines with clever functions must cost not always money.

Performance is important to the pile-up of ice or for making smoothies the Blender must have the necessary power because there is no way. But the maximum current consumption (Watts) says nothing about the performance of the device. Good mixer you don’t realize at a high wattage, that decisive criterion is the number of revolutions. High-performance mixer (Green Smoothie mixer) work with high rpm 25,000 rpm, and more. Through the micro milling, vitamins, minerals, enzymes are and other nutrients are ideal for recording prepared by the gastro-intestinal tract. Top features – the ultimate Blender you opt for a good Blender, if it has the following features: powerful motor easy to use speed Steplessly adjustable pulse function sufficient capacity stainless steel case of solid front tank stainless steel knife or dough hook program control illuminated Control Panel safety shutdown, overload protection high stand or slip-resistance cable length at least 1 meter, perfect cable storage compartment container for the dishwasher suitable moderate volume many devices are good customer service what makes up the price with additional features like for example kneading, Vegetable shredding green smoothies, meat grinder and sausage maker delivered. Of course, these accessories increase the price of the unit. As a buyer, you must decide whether you need these features or not. The basic model is to use mostly as a mixer, other functions are not affected by additional supplementary equipment is achieved. As a general rule: a stand mixer is more powerful, the more you can do with this device. Stainless steel is more expensive devices instead of plastic often used, what considerably increases the service life. More information: Christa Hoppe