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The westerly winds crossing the Atlantic, bringing moist air to Europe. … variability of weather in the North Atlantic region, affecting the …
Cape Horn has been an icon of marine culture for centuries and has been used in a number of sailors singing and several books on navigation that relates the perilous crossing around the Cape.
Just before eight o’clock (when the sun starts this latitude) … ran to the deck and found a huge black cloud approaches to us from the southwest, completely obscuring the sky. ” Here comes Cape Horn!” said the captain, and we barely had time to lower the sails before we reached. In a few moments, the sea was hardened as never before seen, and our little ship plunges into the … and the whole front was covered by water, the sea entered through the bow … trying to wet everything on the deck. In drainage, the water came up to the waist of a man. We jumped up and wrapped doubly sure the candles and the remaining principal, settled all. But that was not enough, the boat struggled to overcome the onslaught of the sea, while the storm worsened. At the same time, ice and hail beat us with rage.
Richard Henry Dana, ‘Cape Horn, a visita “
Charles Darwin, in “The journey of Beagle ,” the newspaper of his five-year expedition on the HMS Beagle which is based in “The Origin of especies ” described his encounter with the Cape in 1832:
December 21 .- It makes sailing the Beagle, and the next day, thanks to a nice breeze from the east, we come to Barnevelts moving ahead of the huge rocks that make up the Cape Deceit, and that the three double Cape Horn, beaten by the storms. Admirably quiet this afternoon and let us enjoy the great spectacle that offer immediate islands. But it seems that Cape Horn requires that you pay your taxes, and closing the night before we send a dreadful storm, which blows precisely face. We are obliged to win the high seas, and the closer back to earth the next day, we see this famous promontory, and now with all the characters that distinguish it, that is shrouded in mist and surrounded by a veritable storm of wind and water . Huge black clouds darken the sky, shaking from the wind and hail us asaetean with violence so fierce that the captain decided to shelter, if possible, Wigwe Cove. This is an excellent port located within walking distance of Cape Horn, and there cast anchor just on Christmas Eve. Any gust of wind coming down from the mountains and makes balancing the boat on anchor, we are reminded from time to time that there was a storm of this excellent coat.
Charles Darwin, “The journey of Beagle “
Alan Villiers, an expert in modern traditional merchant ships has written a series of books on this subject, including “via Cape Hornos .” Other current sailors who have done the route have writing his memoirs, such as Vito Dumas wrote that “only through the” roaring forties ” ” based on his trip around the world. Another is the famous book of Hal and Margaret Roth who wrote “Two Against Cape Hornos and the father-son team formed by David and Daniel Hays in to “My Old Man and the Sea: a father and son sail around Cape Hornos .”
Bernard Moitessier, who made two major trips in the area, also wrote some memoirs. Based on his first trip with his wife Francoise, wrote to ‘Cape Horn, the path logica ” and subsequently wrote to the” long route ” when they travel unaccompanied. Alli has her way through the Cape on a quiet night:
The small cloud on the Moon moved to the right. Look. There it is, so close, not more than 10 miles away and just below the Moon. And there is nothing more than the sky and the moon playing with the Cape Horn. Look. I could barely believe it. So small and so big. A hill, a pale and gentle, a huge rock, hard as diamond.
Bernard Moitessier, “the long route
Cape Horn has also inspired a number of literary fiction, the most important collection of short stories to “Cape Horn and other stories of the end of mundo ” of Chilean Francisco Coloane, based mainly on the story of ‘Cape Hornos “tells the story of two Americans who are on an island near Cape Town and who venture to hunt sea lions to market its skin.
The western coasts of Tierra del Fuego is down in many islands, among which wriggle mysterious channels that are lost out there in the end of the world, in “The Devil’s Sepultura. Sailors from all over the world say that there, a mile promontory that sponsors this tragic grief of the two greatest oceans of the world, Cape Horn, the devil is anchored with a couple of tons of chains, which the drag, making their shackles crack in the sea at night tempestuous and devastating, and when the waters appear dark shadows up and down from heaven to those depths.
Francisco Coloane, Cape Hornos “
Cape Horn has also appeared in several films including the movie Master and Commander director Peter Weir. … weather conditions. Victim … believe that his death was caused by winds. … expected that the strength of the winds of the fall in hours.