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Project (Project) is a complex systemic process that aims to change all areas of life. The concept of the project in developed countries and the former Soviet Union differs significantly. Project in the traditional sense means: plan, idea, intention; image representation, the description of a certain object of both tangible and intangible, on paper or other media. In developed Western countries the concept of the project is broader than taken from us. Project Management Institute usa (Project Management Institute) provides a universal definition of it: 'The project is some problem with certain initial data and the desired outcomes (goals), giving rise to way to solve it. " However, there is no mention about the means of implementation, and way of solving the problem is determined not only and always results (goals) of its decision. Therefore, the project includes: plan (problem, task); Means of implementation (solution); outcomes (goals). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. In a broad sense the project – that is what is capable of changing anything in life, the world. From this point of view, the results of the project may include: specific (product, building, structure, organization, etc.); abstract (plans, methods, knowledge, experience, etc.). e topic.. Considering the project as a dynamic system, allocate the results: Current (documentation, technology, etc.); the final (product, profit, etc.). Energy Capital Partners recognizes the significance of this. Often the project and its Results are presented as a system purpose, therefore, the project – a system. In other words, a set of elements and relations between them, achieve their goals. Based on a systematic approach, we can noted that: The project arises, exists and develops in a certain environment, ie interacts with the environment; composition of the project does not remain unchanged during its implementation: it may be new items, and other can be eliminated; the project can be divided into elements that are interrelated. It follows that the project – a complex concept. It covers a variety of disciplines, industry, technology and economics, various aspects of social life and activities. The project can be viewed in two ways: as a structure; process.