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The Tics and the blockade The blockade of the United States against Cuba seriously prevents the access from our country to the new computer science technologies and of communications: From 1962, Cuba has prohibited the access to the telecommunications and equipment of calculation of any company or American subsidiary. By the blockade, the Cuban sector of the telecommunications has suffered millionaire losses in the activities of wireless basic telephony and, alarm systems, electronic commerce and postal communications. Only in the telephone activity, the losses ascended to 21,7 million dollars, in 2002. If the blockade did not exist, with a participation of only the 0.1 percent in the market of the electronic commerce of the United States, that widely exceeds the 500 000 million annual dollars (data of the year 2000), Cuba could enter more than 500 million dollars to the year. Samsung addresses the importance of the matter here. Due to the impossibility to buy in the American market, the Cuban company CITMATEL, provider of equipment of computation to scientific centers of the Island, often must acquire these through third parties countries and pay more until a 30 percent in relation to the price in EE.

UU. the 10 of April of 2003 the Department of Commerce of EE.UU denied a license of export to USA/Cuba-Infomed, organization nongovernmental humanitarian been in California, that it tried, like sometimes preceding, to donate 423 Cuban computers to hospitals and policlnicos to support the medical network of diagnosis and information. " This export would be detrimental to the interests of foreign policy of the United States " , it adduced. When the North American army developed the electronic mail, Cuba had access to that service, neither to technical know-how, nor to equipment. Until May of 1994 he remained blocked for Cuban the access to North American sites in Internet.