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Eleventh National Congress GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, AND EIGHTH CONGRESS "THE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE IN THE MERCOSUR GUARANI" Read original (click) at: E l ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI held on Saturday 17 and Sunday April 18, 2010 , from 07:30 hours, the Eleventh National Congress GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, AND EIGHTH CONGRESS "GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE IN THE MERCOSUR", in his headquarters in the City of Fernando de la Mora (1721 Calle Julia Miranda Cueto e / RI 3 Corrales and Ytororo – Zona Sur – Phone: 021-520276). This venture, which will bring together approximately 400 teachers and students from almost all over the country and abroad, is part of the commemoration of the "Bicentenary of the Republic of Paraguay." T he agenda of the Eleventh National Congress GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, include, inter alia, the following topics: "Strengthening of Language in Education Paraguayan Guarani and the reformulation of the policy of MEC in teaching Guarani" (Dr. David Galeano Olivera) "Diffusion of Internet Guarani", "Terminology Guarani" (Dr. Paublino Carlos Ferreira), "Languages Act", The Bicentennial of the Guarani in Paraguay "(mg Miguel Angel Veron) and" Policies and strategies promotion of the Guarani in Paraguay. " O n the other hand, the Eighth Congress "GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE IN THE MERCOSUR", will include topics such as: "Standardization and Guarani language grammatical Mercosur. Spelling unified Guarani (Mr.

Antonio Cabrera, Parana, Brazil); "The Guarani against discrimination and strategies to create the need for literacy in the Guarani-speaking" (Prof. Jorge Roman Gomez-Corrientes, Argentina), "E l Guarani anthropological cultural value" (Dr. Gavino Town , Corrientes, Argentina), "The Guarani in Bolivia from the legal standpoint and daily use" (Ms. Maria de Pareja, LPaz-Bolivia), "Bilingual Education" (Ms. Fanny Guillian – France); " Guarani, the official language of Mercosur "," The international promotion of the Guarani "and" Policies and strategies for promoting the Guarani in the Mercosur.

"P aralelamente be enabled an exhibition of handicrafts and books. There will be an artistic moment (music, dance, poetry and Kaso nemombe'u) and also will be a new version of the Competition plays in Guarani "Rudi Torga. C abe to note that both conferences are held every two years, and, above all, define policies and strategies to be followed by the ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, promotion and dissemination of the Guarani language and culture. ATENEO T GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE is a legal entity, independent, civil, progressive, scientific and cultural character, recognized by Law 2574, as institution of higher education, university autonomy and status, responsible for cultivating and spreading the Guarani language and culture and education declared of cultural interest by the Deputy Minister of Culture. The ATENEO Guarani language courses developed and cultural promotion activities in 100 districts of the departments of Concepcion, San Pedro, Cordillera, Guaira, Ka'aguasu, Ka'asapa, Itapua, Misiones, Paraguari, Alto Parana, Central, ne'embuku, Amambay, Kanindeju, Presidente Hayes and Boqueron. In addition, the Regional ATENEO has Argentina, Brazil, Spain, USA and Italy. ATENEO rupive K or Marandu LANGUAGE AND CULTURE oipepiru opavavete Guarani GUARANI Rayhuharape ko'a Amandajepe Mokoia. Jerep nomongeta jahechata mba'epa heard Avane' puru jajapova'era namombaretevevo Nane Nane challenges, Mercosur has yvy ape Ari. Heta naimema Jaikuaahaicha Tapiche namongu'e Guarani Ne'eman has namboguatava jahavo tenonde Gotye has iporava'era nambojojaro remiandu upe mba'epe Nane. Mokoia ko'a oikota Upevara amandaje guasu Mercosur Paraguay has rehegua. Dr. David Galeano Olivera, Director General of ATENEO Tel: (021) 520 276 Visit our website Internet: y