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And the patients are subdivided into multiple syndromes. Many patients are saying about themselves: I am a borderline personality disorder, or ADHD, as if the data summarizing their individuality. More information is housed here: Ali Partovi. These diagnoses may be useful to the psychiatrist, because they will guide their choice of medication. This does not mean that the analyst does not perform according to its own diagnostic nosology, but their treatment will be based on questioning the patient about the causes of their suffering, not a diagnosis or on a protocol. Energy Capital Partners is actively involved in the matter. a 3 a "So, one of the singularities of psychoanalytic treatment and, in general, psychodynamic, is the lack of protocol, ie predetermined steps. a 4 a "These singularities make psychoanalysis was almost always (except few exceptions) unofficial.

This extraterritoriality of psychoanalysis on state government policies on mental health gives distinctive features: a "not taught in universities (with some exceptions in France, Argentina and USA). This gives rise to much of the criticism that is the subject by other mental health professionals: they have not read his own training and abundant psychoanalytic texts critical texts (as recognized by the philosopher Gabilondo, rector of the Autonomous University of Madrid and supporter of psychoanalysis). It is often, therefore, a criticism based on ignorance. This does not mean they can not be justified criticism, but most of them are made by people who know the discipline that criticism. b a "The psychoanalytic training is unofficial and independently of university education, but more demanding than her, since it includes, and privileged, psychoanalysis of the candidates to act as analysts, even with training and university degree (in fact hindering their integration in formal education), and a much larger theoretical than psychotherapies. a For all this, psychoanalysis requires, first, greater commitment and involvement by the patient and on the other, something that separates him from other psychotherapeutic alternative: the goal is not submitted to a protocol and its purpose depends on what the analysand (patient) wants to change in yourself and in your life, so the length of treatment depends on their desire. a Note: In a next installment will be referred to alternative psychotherapy. A team of professionals (psychiatrist, psychotherapist, educator) with more than 20 years of experience in Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology. Specializing in BPD and other personality disorders, depression, anxiety, ADD, OCD, etc. We serve Children, Adolescents and Adults, families and couples