Plastic Alloys

Aluminium – Plastic silvery-white color. Aluminum and alloys respond well to hot and cold forming – rolling, forging, pressing, drawing, bending, sheet forming, etc. Supplied as: alumina primary grades A999 (99,99% aluminum and the amount of impurities not more than 0.0001%), A995, A99 and 97, etc.; aluminum powder, powder, foil, aluminum alloys, such as: silumin – an alloy of aluminum and silicon (SIL); Duralumin (duralumin) – aluminum alloy with copper and manganese (D16, D16T) magnaly – Al alloy with manganese (AMts), aluminum-magnesium alloys (AMG). Depending on the purpose of aluminum alloys are divided: casting, wrought – up to 80% of the total output of aluminum alloys. Wrought aluminum alloys are available as sheet metal work (primarily), the shaped profile, high-grade rods, wires and pipes (mostly compressed). Aluminum alloys such as AMts, AMg2, AMg6 are highly ductility, good weldability and high corrosion resistance.

Alloys are produced in the annealed, hardened and polunagartovannom state, heat treatment is not strengthened. They are used for manufacturing pipelines for oil and gasoline, radiator tractors and cars, weld gas tanks, rivets, hull and masts of ships, etc. Aluminum alloy sheet produced according to gost 21631-76. Sheets of aluminum by the method of manufacture subdivided: clad, plated, with normal plating; clad with reinforced plating. Sheets of aluminum as the material divided: without heat treatment, annealed; polunagartovannye, work-hardened, quenched and naturally aged, artificially aged and seasoned, cold-worked after quenching and natural aging. As for the quality of surface finish sheets of aluminum are high finishes, high finishing, conventional finishing. On the precision of the sheets of aluminum are classified by: increased accuracy in thickness, width, length, or one or two of these parameters, normal accuracy in thickness, width, length.