Shepherd Pie

The woman can work in the workmanship ‘ ‘ Your women are silenced in the churches; because she is not allowed to speak to them; but they are citizens, as well as commands the law. ‘ ‘ 1 Corintios 14:34 and ‘ ‘ in the following day, breaking from there Pablo, and us that with it we were, we arrive the Caesarean one; e, entering in house of Filipe, the evangelista, that was one of the seven, we are with it. had this four virgin children, who augured. ‘ ‘ Acts 21:8 – 9 but, in ‘ ‘ The woman learns in silence, with all the subjection. I do not allow, however, that the woman teaches, nor she uses of authority on the husband, but that she is in silncio.’ ‘ 1 Timteo 2,11-12 that woman cannot exert authority in the church.