Social Responsibility Of SMEs

“In every success, however small, will come one day a larger effort to complete it.” Whitman considerations and implications in more and more crucial that the companies involved in national and international environment is to be fully identified with the role that represents social responsibility. Hence, modern management duty to ensure that this is a reality that benefits everyone. Very interesting contribution that reminds us to assume a position of indifference more than ever dynamic scenarios shown impregnated with changes, challenges, and generate increasing problems that are affecting humanity (environmental pollution, violence, social disorder, loss of principles and values, increased depression, de-legitimization of the established order, financial crisis, and more), it will be for the whole world lived the worst disaster.

They are business organizations, professionals, state and educational institutions the must assume a leadership position to combat these scourges. For we are concerned, it is time to rethink the corporate social responsibility in all its dimensions, since failure to do so for herself and for society, will take stage to witness our own funeral. They are parents, teachers in schools and colleges, universities, business associations, regional governments, the state, the same church and all those people and organizations that somehow influence today in the morning, asked to assume leadership with an ethical position, moral responsibility and not allow to continue building a grim and ominous future. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. Many SME companies in the Venezuelan scene have not become aware of the role that represents its participation on productivity and economic life of the country and have neglected the extent that CSR entails. .